Friday, October 06, 2017

Sagada Accommodation: George Guest House

I don’t have any prior research reviews about George Guest House prior to my trip to Sagada, Mountain Province. So I don’t have much background on this accommodation and I will base reviews on my 3 days and 2 night stay in the inn in my 2012 visit. Plus it is also arranged with the tour operator I had for Sagada trip.

George Guest House is centrally located in the town of Sagada so it is very much near to every establishment around Sagada like the restaurants, other inns and shops. You easily indentify the inn because of its towering height in the center of the town so it is easily located, if you’re lost (which I doubt) in the town of Sagada.

George Guest House main building.
The main building of George Guest House. There is an annex building now.
To my surprise, we were given a spacious room good for 4 people when we are only two! There were 3 beds just for the 2 of us, my friend. Although the room was budget type, it was surprisingly spacious, pleasant and clean. No need for aircon rooms since the air of Mountain Province is cool and can be very cold at times! Our room is also near the hall that leads to the balcony terrace of our floor. It has the back view of George Guest House which is a beautiful but contrasting view of the surrounding houses of Sagada town. The view is a relaxing one especially in the morning when you wake up and this view of Sagada is what you will see in the morning.

Welcome to George Guest House!
Spoiled room amenities for an inn!
Our fan room in Sagada.
Mini TV was nice and the clean furniture was just right for backpacker visitors.
I also like the spacious halls of the floors of George Guest House because they have dedicated living room spaces where you can sit on the sofas of the inn or eat in their tables. Wi-fi is available but only at the ground floor and reception area of the inn. The inn also provides food-on-order in case you want to eat within the inn and mostly mid-range prices (you have to understand that some food resources like process ones in Mountain Province is being import all the way down from the valley) but still affordable.

My entire duration of stay at George Guest House was a pleasant one. Staffs are also friendly and helpful plus rooms are affordable for budget travelers to Sagada. I also learned that they have an annex building now - it means they're growing and expanding so more tourist in Mountain Province. I highly recommend them especially because of their proximity to eateries, shops and other establishments.

Living room area of 3rd floor.
Sorry wi-fi is only available at the ground lobby not on the upper floors.
Perfect Sagada view from the 3rd floor balcony.
George Guest House is easily located within Sagada town.

George Guest House
Sagada, Mountain Province
Contact: Main Building - (63) 918-548-0406 / (63) 920-948-3133 (Look for Dora). Annex Building - (63) 920-607-0994 / (63) 939-902-0996 (Look for Irenuis)

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