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Beijing Accommodation: Tiangui Hotel

Tiangui Hotel is one of the recommended hotel to stay in Beijing according to Pinoyexchange forums on Beijing trips. It is a complete package hotel especially for those who are on tight-budget trip to Beijing. Find out why Tiangui Hotel is “complete package” on my pick list of hotels when visiting Beijing.

I’ve learned about Tiangui Hotel during my research on DIY trip to Beijing, China while reading on itineraries and travel stories at Pinoyexchange Forum website. I research about it over Google and Google maps in which I found out that was ideally located within the city center of Beijing.  Tiangui Hotel is in Doncheng District which is near Wangfujing – one of the hottest tourist spot in Beijing.

Tiangui Hotel front building.
Before I arrived in Beijing, I know that language barrier will be the main problem in checking to the hotel, so I already printed a Chinese version address of the hotel in which I presented to the taxi driver upon our arrival at the airport. The good driver politely drove us to Tiangui Hotel. My initial impression to the hotel was fair and building is quite old already. We went inside and true enough language barrier was our problem with the receptionist who was really non-English speaker. It took almost an hour and involve in drawings and charades before were able to score a room good for 3 person at 500RMB per night.

Tiangui Hotel has fair and decent rooms in their upper level building which I think were more expensive versus there lower ground rooms in which we got a room. Yes, Tiangui Hotel has underground floor in which they have more rooms being offered. Sounds creepy? But yes, they have and when they tour us to the rooms, I felt rooms here are better than those at the upper levels. Our room was decent and clean but has no windows or any opening to see daylight outside since it is a lower ground area. And with that, it feels quite like prisoner on a white room. The room seems to be recently painted and renovated as evident with clear white paintings on the wall and newly installed locks, cabinets and floor carpets.  The beds were fine with linens and blankets. Overall, the room for me was fine for a 3 night stay in Beijing with the exception of the bathroom. The restroom has no heater which was challenge for us since it was winter during our visit and the floor is flooding when filled with water as it doesn’t goes to the drainage right away. The restroom is not completely tiled which leave me an impression that the restroom is up for renovation or maintenance but due to unknown circumstances to us, it was left for fixing. The room that we rented was not yet completely renovated as evidence by the restroom problem we had but due to language barrier and to our insistence to stay at Tiangui Hotel we were accepted to the room. I already did not bother to look for other hotels because only Tiangui Hotel offered this cheap rate per night. We will only sleep there for 3 days and hotel room is not a big deal for me when on travel. This is also the reason why I don’t have a picture of our room at Tiangui Hotel.

Tiangui Hotel calling card in case you want to stay here.
Present this to the taxi driver and he'll drove you straight to the hotel. It is approximately 20 minutes away from the airport.
The staffs of Tiangui Hotel, though all completely non-English speakers were friendly and extremely helpful. One staff even cleaned the flooding water at our private restroom when we occupied it. My sister also became fond to the staffs of Tiangui Hotel that she got a souvenir photo with them on our last day in Beijing. I just hope some of them at least learn English now to cater for more foreign clients.

The friendly staffs of Tiangui Hotel on our departure day.
Despite of language barrier with the staffs and receptionists and restroom problem, I still recommend Tiangui Hotel when staying in Beijing for a travel trip. What I like about Tiangui Hotel is its proximity to all amenities and establishments that a budget tourist to China needed. Just around Dengshikuo Street where the hotel is situated are numerous establishments like souvenir shops, markets, stores, banks and restaurants. On its left side and on front across the street of the hotel, there’s a bank for currency exchange as only banks are authorize to exchange foreign moneys. Also there are many fast-food restaurants just near Tiangui Hotel. One of them is McDonald’s which is a walk away across the street and on it left side just a few walk is Weiduomei (a local bakery shop) and a convenience store. A one block walk from the hotel is the nearest subway station of Dengshikuo in which you can connect to other stations which has near places of interests. Tiangui Hotel is also just a 2 to 3 blocks walk to main Wangfujing district – one of the must-see places in Beijing when visiting the city. These are the reasons why I say Tiangui Hotel is a “complete package” for budget travelers to Beijing, China.

Tiangui Hotel
No.14 East Dengshi Lane, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China, 100010.
Contact No: (+86) 010-51693899/010-65228168/010-51693888
Website: None

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