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Return to Mabini

Last 2012, my trip to Anilao, Mabini, Batangas is one of the best travels of my life and one of the highlights of my 2012 travels. It was just a simple trip with friends and colleagues at work but it turn out to be the best day-off ever of my life! It wasn't just about the place and friend bonding that we had but with the place, our "samahan" grew stronger alongside creating the best travel memories that we will never forget. So to return to Mabini, a year after is something sentimental to me. 

Return to Mabini, a year after.
I was invited on a birthday trip of one my co-workers at work. I accepted it since Mabini is now quite a special place for me and it is going to be one of the last out of town trips I will have before the year ends. I also see it as an opportunity to reminisce the best travel I had before in the place. Yes, I'm getting sentimental because of the travel memories. Because honestly I still got a "hangover" of the Anilao trip I had last 2012. I still not forget that trip even I had a latest trip to Mabini. And having a different set of people on this trip it only made miss my 2012 trip.

I leave early morning for the trip. At 2AM, we leave. My birthday celebrant colleague rented a private vehicle that will fetch me and their company to Mabini, Batangas. It was four and half hour trip before we reach our intended destination - Sea's Spring Resort. The resort is situated in Barangay Mainit of Mabini municipality of Batangas. It is a Korean owned resort so doesn’t surprise if most of the guests are Koreans. The resort is notable for using seawater as a water source for its mineral pools with 3 seawater pools, one with 2 slides and a hot spring pool for body therapy and relaxation. It also provides diving activity for those who are diving enthusiast and fond of underwater marine life of Batangas.

 Chasing sunrise - one of the best activity I had on my return to Mabini.
It's so wonderful to return again to the place where I had best travel memories...
One of the main activities in Sea’s Spring Resort is swimming at it seawater pools with one being a hot spring pool. The main pool’s attraction is its two long slides perfect for water fun activity. While, the hot spring pool is perfect for body and mind relaxation. Just be cautious when dipping at the hot pool since the temperature varies up to 42 degree Celsius. There is a temperature indication at the top of the pool.  The resort provides diving lessons and activities for those who want to dive the waters of Anilao since it is reach in marine life and underwater biodiversity. There is also a sport center hall where you can play billiard. 

Sea's Spring Resort facade.
Hot pool.
The main pools of Sea's Spring Resort made of seawater.
The view from top of the slides.
 If you’re not fond of these activities, you can try to stroll around the resort as Sea’s Spring Resort has hilly landscapes, grassy ground, rocky beach and nipa huts to explore. One of the memorable activities I did was sunrise viewing at the beach. It was the first activity I did since we arrived early in the morning. The wide space and shoreline of the beach in the resort was a perfect spot for sunrise viewing. Find a perfect spot among the nipa huts and just watch the sun rises from the sea and move against the clouds in the sky. I find it relaxing. It led me into in-depth thinking and reflection – which is mainly reminiscing my past travel to Mabini, a year before.

Batangas seascape at its best!
No one would feel tired if you would stroll on this place everyday.
The rocky beach in front of the resort. Unfortunately, not recommended for swimming but highly recommended for photo shoots.
Since the rocky beach is not advisable to swim, I opt to have photoshoot instead!
I tried swimming into their pools for the rest of the day. Swimming into the resort’s beaches is not advisable because of its rocky seabed. You may opt for photo shoot and landscape photography which I did. By night time, we celebrated my colleague birthday by having a barbeque party and drinks near the main pool. The resort allows bringing in food and usage of kitchen utensils for a fee. They also have a free breakfast inclusion in their package. The resort has an ideal space in Mabini (facing the beach) and accessible via road. Their rooms are clean and nice. Their facilities are clean too and landscapes are perfect for travel souvenir shots. Actually their surrounding landscapes made them an ideal place to stay. The resort’s landscapes are winner in my travel books. (I will have a separate post regarding my accommodation and resort review of Sea Spring Resort.)

Kwentuhan and kulitan before going to sleep with my travel mates.
Witnessing the wonderful Batangas sunrise again...
Chasing Mabini sunrise!
It was an overnight trip. The following morning I get to witness again Batangas sunrise. I swam into the pool for the last time before packing up my things for a road trip home. By noon, we leave Mabini and headed to Manila. I was a short trip yet it is a wonderful trip full of reliving travel memories.
Throwback memories - In 2012, it was Batangas sunset 
and in 2013, it was Batangas sunrise.
Throwback memories - In 2012, the original cast of Anilao trip and 
in 2013, just like a movie sequels, only 2 of the casts to return.
Ending thoughts as I go home from Mabini… Fast forward. December 2013. It’s the last month of the year and exactly 2 weeks to go before 2013 ends. I unexpectedly had a chance to return to Mabini again. But this time with a different set of people and in a different place of Mabini.  Even though, this time my trip here is the opposite of last 2012, I'm still happy and felt thankful to return to this place where I had great travel memories. Because returning to Mabini now brings me so many memories!

Return to Mabini is my last travel trip of 2013 that happened last December 18-19, 2013 in Sea's Spring Resort, Mainit, Mabini, Batangas. I initially thought that the resort is located in Barangay Anilao which prompt me to agree right away to go on the trip since I still had a "hangover" of my Anilao trip in 2012. But later I discovered it was in Barangay Mainit yet still in Mabini municipality where Anilao is also located and we passed by as we travel to Mainit. It's still a return to the place where I had a best travel to date - a return to Mabini. 


  1. It's always a different feeling when you're traveling with friends. Amazing how you put together side by side of 2012 and 2013 photos. Great! It's been a long time, Ian.

    1. Hi! Welcome back! Traveling with friends is always an exceptional experience especially if all of you have the same passion yet different personalities connecting together. It leads to best memories and that makes the travel more memorable. Hay, I miss my great times with them. We have separate works already.

  2. Hi! Your blog is very informative, thank you! This is just perfect for our family outing. You mentioned that there's a fee when you bring in food, would you know the rate? Thank you in advance! :)

    1. This resort has changes information everytime you ask so better call them directly as this what we experienced during my visit last December 2013. 'Hope you enjoy your visit there.


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