Monday, January 13, 2014

2013 Year of Travel and my 5th Year!

First, I'm sorry for a very much less update on my travel blog for the past months in which I've been really outdated on all of my travel posts. I have much less post in 2013 than in 2012 in which I really feel bad. I've been really busy at work (and bacause of traveling... of course! Hehe) that I have been unable to update this blog regularly. But good thing is, I have lots of travel stories to share that I had in last 2013!

I don't really know how to start writing every travel adventure I had last year. I have been outdated in posts and most of them are late posts already. Travel stories that I supposed to share filed on top of each other in addition to other series that I already started and left unfinished. But nonetheless, this year I'll try to finish sharing everything starting to last series of travel stories I've started in 2012.

Some of the 2012 travel series that I bow to finish this year were my trips to China - still 6 more story series to go. My trip to Iloilo - especially sharing its heritage churches and the hidden gem of Concepcion. My musings to Guimaras and my island hopping experience there. Lastly for 2012 travel series, my trip to Sagada and exploration of my Mountain Province experience. See? I still have lots stories to share. And now, all of them are throwback travel stories already because of  my pending updates!

2013 is a great year of travel!
For 2013, I have lots of stories to share too! No doubt and undisputed that 2013 is a year of travel for me! Here's a round-up of my 2013 travels: February - Baguio. March - Palawan and Zambales. May - Bauan, Batangas. November - Vietnam. And December - Aurora and Anilao, Mabini, Batangas. It may be a few for others, but for me, 7 travels a year is a major achievement. So expect, my travel stories in these places I've been last year and continuation of some story series that I've started already in the coming months. Geez! I hope to share them all this year!

I've been so busy especially in the last 5 months of 2013, that I even failed to celebrate my blogs' 5th year anniversary in the blogging world! So, I decided later this month, I will create a special posts regarding my blog's 5th year anniversary. My God! It's 5 years... it's a milestone to be celebrated!!! Wohoo!!!

For more of connectivity, Going Places have a Facebook Page already for updates and latest social sharing. I hope you tap the "like" button! And I really hope to share more in Facebook!  

Because travel is an experience of a lifetime!
I thankful and glad for the last 2013 because it has been a great year of travel for me for the fourth consecutive time. I had experiences of a lifetime again because of the places I have been. I have lived again to my travel motto - Travel is an experience of a lifetime!  Don't you agree with my motto? 2013 made sure of it to me! Doing my passion enriches me as a person because of the discoveries I made in travel. Travel is not just all about adventures. It is a real experience of a lifetime!

To end this, let me share this travel quote that has been trending in Facebook and Instagram social media last year which I would like to adapt as my travel motto too because of its very significant meaning - Take vacations. Go as many places as you can. You can always make money. You can't always make memories.

Indeed, travel is an experience of a lifetime!

Happy 2014 everyone! Cheers!


  1. I couldn't agree more Ian. Each travel is a travel of a lifetime that bring us different experiences that make us grow as a person. Happy 3 years of travel and cheers for 30 more years and more.

    1. Thank you... 'Will have a separate post on my blog anniversary supposed to be celebrated last year later this month.

    2. 5 years pala :) (where did I get the 3 hehe)

  2. Cheers to more memories, experiences and travels, Ian! I did not have a chance to create a year-end post, so sasabayin ko nalang sa anniv which is this Jan. Yay, halos sabay pala tayo. :D

    1. Thank you! Actually last October pa yung anniversary ko. Gagawa lang ako ng special post about it kasi hindi ko sya na-celebrate last year. Thanks again.

  3. Good morning po..
    Malayo po ba tindahan sa sampaguita beach???
    Marami po kasi kami mag outing. Maximum of 30 persons cguro kami..
    Pwede ba kami mag luto our own food doon??
    Overnight din po kasi ang outing namin.

    1. Yes, malayo po like 1 hour from the main highway to Bauan town proper. Regarding cooking you can ask the resort you choose to stay. Please contact the resort you want to stay. Please read - - for more info.

  4. Pahinge nmn contact number sa sampaguita beach


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