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Anilao Postcards: Of Seascapes... Of Sunsets... 3

The seascape view in front of my eyes starts to transform when the sun's reflections touches everything into golden hue. And the shadows of the running bancas, mountains and islands of Tingloy and Sombrero complemented this gorgeous scene of the moment. The clouds were starting to clear the horizon. The sun turns bolder and bigger as it starts to set down. And it was the start of the most beautiful moment of the day - Anilao Sunset. 

Me and my travel mates on this Anilao day-off trip were still in the middle of chats and eating session when the sunset starts to show up. We were just tired from a whole noon of island hopping to nearby islands, coves and beaches of Anilao. We were tired but we enjoy the exploring the seascapes of Anilao.

The most beautiful moment of the day in Anilao...
The sunset just motivated me to practice my skills in capturing photos. One of my colleagues also starts to join me and coaches me in focusing the subject and using the lens since of my she brought a SLR camera. Then, we were joined by chats of my other travel mates. It was a good opportunity to share stories, to bond together and to enjoy the beauty of Anilao in front of us.

I can't get enough of this beautiful scenery in front of my eyes! I think I clicked countless times on my camera just to get perfect shots of Anilao Sunset. I can't count anymore how many times I snapped the click button! But I was satisfied whatever photo I've captured since the whole sunset moment was stunning, breathtaking and marvelous.

Sunset unfolding in the beach front.
Anilao Sunset.
I continue to took shots of the sunset while having a good conversation with my friends. The sky and sea is bath in golden yellow color. It was a gorgeous sunset and seascape scenery that I felt I become partially deaf for a moment while listening to my colleagues share of stories and chats. I’m always drawn to sunsets for its magnificence and loveliness. They are really best viewed by the sea!

Everything is reflected in golden sunshine.
After sunset... still admirable beauty of nature.
As the sun sets down and I also sat to watch it gone by. I reflect. It was the most beautiful moment of the day in Anilao. Three words - stunning, breathtaking and marvelous. I'm truly astonished to this moment of the day by the beach! It was an unforgettable seascape and admirable beauty of nature. Anilao Sunset made my day-off trip in Mabini, Batangas truly memorable!

A few more reflections after the sunset ends... This is one day-off that I won’t forget! Not only I did have a quick vacation on my day-off to destress and relax but also explore the beauty of Anilao. I also got to spend this “best day-off” with my best buddies and friends at work. Day-offs should be like this - stress-free, spend on a wonderful place, good share of stories, endless fun and great people to share this day-off with – that what makes the best day-off ever!

The end.

Anilao Postcards: Of Seascapes... Of Sunsets... is a 3-part series recounting my trip to Anilao, Mabini, Batangas last November 2012 where I had a "best day-off ever" bonding with my workmate friends for having same day-offs from an operational schedule of work. See the story here.
Anilao Postcards is a share of my photo captures and story of the gorgeous Anilao seascapes and stunning Anilao sunset that truly captured my eyes for its unforgettable beauty. What made these postcards memorable are friends whom I shared this beautiful place with while on a trip.

Here are the other parts of the series: 
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  1. I heard Anilao is good for diving.I am thinking, perhaps freediving here would be fun too.Bonus ang sunset of course! :)

    1. Yes, Anilao is one of the best diving site in the country. But Anilao Sunset if not is one of the best experience!

  2. ang ganda ng pakakacapture sa sunset lalo na yung first photo,

    1. Thanks! Yun din yung favorite photo ko among the set.

  3. Sunsets are magnificent. A sight to behold! :-)

    1. I agree... one of my favorite subject of photographs...

  4. Wow Sir. Your postcards are very impressive. Lovely sunsets! Ü

    1. Thanks a lot and thanks for reading this Anilao Postcard series!


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