Monday, June 24, 2013

Anilao Postcards: Of Seascapes... Of Sunsets... 2

Pass four in the afternoon. The afternoon sun starts to low down yet its heat still radiates a bearable warm likened to a summer afternoon sun rays.  Though some of the clouds starts to cover up in the sky, the sun is clearly setting the scene by the vast seascape of Anilao. The sun says reflects a beautiful wash of light over the sea. The reflection of sun light creates a dramatic seascape that I only witnessed in Anilao.

I was carried away by the view of the beach front. I didn't noticed that my colleagues were keep on calling me to eat a late launch mixed early dinner. Though I still clicking on to take photographs, I gave in to their call to eat as I'm already hungry too like them. My travel mates slash work mates just came from a whole noon of island hopping around the seas of Anilao. We finished early noon so we failed to eat lunch but despite of it we still enjoyed the island hopping in Anilao to the fullest! The beauty of nature that we discover in the coves, beaches and islands of Anilao is something that me and friends will never forget.

Anilao's golden moment!
After satisfying my hunger, I return to clicking photographs again. It was then I realized that the setting of the sun is starting to change the color of the seascape into a golden sepia tone.

The sepia tone - experimenting using my point and shoot Samsung camera.
Dramatic Anilao Seascape.
Oh the sun!
The golden tone with a gorgeous sky and sun with the shadow of the islands and a mountain on the background made me feel astonish and marvel at the beach front scene of the rest house that we are staying. And when a banca passes through over the beautiful sunlight reflected sea, it made the seascape a stunning scene to behold.

Reflection of light.
Anilao Seascape like no other!
Golden moment - Bella! Bella! Bella!
I marvel at these beautiful seascapes of Anilao. They were worthy of postcards photos that we see in bookstores and souvenir shops. Photos that are good reminder how beautifully blessed our country with beauty of nature.

My friends at work on these trip were also enjoying these marvelous Anilao seascapes. And it was a pretty good moment to have chats with them - knowing them more deeply with their stories over a beautiful scenery in front of us. We even practiced how to take good shots of scene photographs. But few hours later, the seascapes in front of us starts to transform. It was time for the most beautiful moment of the day in Anilao to happen.

To be continue... 

Anilao Postcards: Of Seascapes... Of Sunsets... is a 3-part series recounting my trip to Anilao, Mabini, Batangas last November 2012 where I had a "best day-off ever" bonding with my workmate friends for having same day-offs from an operational schedule of work. See the story here.
Anilao Postcards is a share of my photo captures and story of the gorgeous Anilao seascapes and stunning Anilao sunset that truly captured my eyes for its unforgettable beauty. What made these postcards memorable are friends whom I shared this beautiful place with while on a trip.

Here are the other parts of the series: 
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  1. The first photo was surreal. I just look at it for a couple of seconds before I continue again reading the whole post. Kudos po!

    1. Even I was surprised with the results of my numerous clicks during my visit in Anilao. Almost of the photos were stunningly beautiful! Nothing compares the beauty of nature...

      Thank you for visiting!

  2. i love sunset too! pangwallpaper na itong pics mo :D

    1. Wait for the next and final installment - it will be a full blast sunset shot! =)

  3. I like the last photo the most. Golden moment, indeed :)

    1. Thank you! Visit again for the last installment of this Anilao Postcard series.


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