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Anilao Postcards: Of Seascapes... Of Sunsets...

One of Anilao's best kept charm is probably its perfect postcard pictures of its seascapes and sunsets. My Anilao trip experience wouldn't be complete without seeing these sceneries of the sea, sun and sand. These sceneries made me relax from my stressful work life since it was my day-off when I visited Anilao and it let me appreciate the beauty of nature to the fullest! It calmed my mind and also made me realized that there is a time to take things at slow space without the rush and urgency. And what an enjoyable trip it was when it is shared with best trip buddies! 

The stunnung Puting Buhok Cove upon our arrival from the outrigger boat.

Here are the "postcards" from Anilao which I took last November 2012:

Good morning Anilao!
Breaking dawn...
Morning Rainbow...
My morning started with me and my friends staring at the dawn view of the ocean. It was a very relaxing view to start your day watching the break of the dawn in front of you eyes as the beautiful seascape of Anilao starts unveil from the shadows into your eyes. It was a good morning in Anilao.

Rocky but stunning...
Later in the morning we were on a banca island hopping trip and found ourselves on a eye-pleasing treat of Anilao seascapes - complete with the surrounding islands, sea and sun! After a passing by some of the islands, we choose to stay in Puting Buhok Cove which greeted us with a gorgeous view of a white sand beach cove!

Puting Buhok Cove is not just laden with a long stretch of white sand beach but also has a picturesque landscape of rocks, lush vegetation and walled moutain-like peaks. It is also secluded and only few people visits it during our trip so we almost had the cove all by ourselves.

Puting Buhok Cove's seascape!
Own the beach for a moment in Puting Buhok Cove...

Even it was scorching hot under the sun, it didn't stop me and my travel mates to frolic in the sands, swim in the beach and bask under the sun in Puting Buhok Cove. We did beach photoshoots. We snorkeled in the nearby coral garden. And took time to relax and enjoy the beautiful surrounding around us. This is one of the best day-off I had! 

Though, visiting the cove has a corresponding fee per person, I hope they do maintain the cove away from too much commercialism in the future. I like just the way it is - quiet, calm, clean, serene and surrounded by beautiful seascapes.

In the mood of Summer in November...
Sun. Sea. Sand... Experience Anilao like no other!
Snorkeling at Sombrero Island on our best day-off ever!
On our return, we saw nearby seascapes from Puting Buhok Cove. Pockets of white sand beaches, gorgeous rock formations and endless blue waters that soothes my eyesight was what all I see. We visited Sombrero Island, named after its shape but we only did snorkeling in the island and did not explore much about it as it has a corresponding fee to set foot on the island. But anyway, I enjoy snorkeling at Sombrero Island as the corals and marine animals in its waters were so alive and colorful!

We return to the port of the rest house where we are staying. It was around 2pm. We took a late lunch. But at around pass four in the afternoon, I witness yet another marvelous seascape of Anilao in my eyesight. It was beyond my imagination.

To be continue...

Anilao Postcards: Of Seascapes... Of Sunsets... is a 3-part series recounting my trip to Anilao, Mabini, Batangas last November 2012 where I had a "best day-off ever" bonding with my workmate friends for having same day-offs from an operational schedule of work. See the story here
Anilao Postcards is a share of my photo captures and story of the gorgeous Anilao seascapes and stunning Anilao sunset that truly captured my eyes for its unforgettable beauty. What made these postcards memorable are friends whom I shared this beautiful place with while on a trip.

Here are the other parts of the series:  
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  1. paradise nga. i remembered going to anilao almost two decades ago and it is one of the best places i have seen as a young traveler then. your photos bring back awesome memories of the place. great shots ian.

    1. Thank you... I had great memories in Anilao as well hence the reason why there is this posts. Even it was 6 months ago already, I still have a hangover of my Anilao trip! It was the best day-off ever!

  2. I hope I'd be able to visit Anilao next summer. Perfect for barakada outing coz it's near the metro :D

    1. Yup, try to visit it with friends... it will be a best travel experience you'll have just like what I had in Anilao.

  3. never been to Anilao as when it comes to mind, what I think is diving place lang sya. didn't know prior na may places para just for beach relaxing!

    1. Yup their secluded beach coves were truly pockets of beauty of nature!

  4. one of the places i wish to visit in pinas..lovely beach indeed! keep posting Ian!

  5. Hi Ian, first off... just like to say, I love this layout! Perfect for a travel blog. :)
    gods.. I wish I can visit Anilao soon. Thanks for posting this. -Nagi

    1. Your welcome! I still working on some areas ng layout hirap Nagi! Sana ma-help moko... =)

  6. One word to describe your photos of Anilao - "serenity". The place seems so peaceful. Great blog!

    1. Thank you! Visit again for the 2nd and 3rd part of these Anilao Postcard series.


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