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360 degree of Bangkok from the Sky

At night, when the sky is dark and the air is cool, Bangkok is brightly lit with sparkling lights of the city and skyscrapers. Towering buildings of varied heights and shapes flashes attention-seeking lights that are too hard to be miss. Curves and twirls of mega-structure roads of the city will catch your eye glimpse. Even billboards bombarding in every city skyline hungers for your eyesight! It was a sight that is too much amazing to forget.

How about seeing Bangkok that way from the highest view deck of the city?   How about seeing Bangkok from a bird’s eye view like having a view over the city? Or how much more when you can have a 360 degree view of Bangkok while enjoying music and chilled piña colada? Spectacular sight and amazing experience, isn’t it? That is what you will just experience when you reached the 360 degree revolving view deck of Baiyoke Sky Hotel towering over the city of Bangkok!

360 degree of Bangkok from the Sky...
Baiyoke Sky Hotel dubs itself as Thailand’s tallest tower is located at the center of Ratchathewi, one of Bangkok’s busiest and tourist center district. The hotel is also located within the area of Pratunam Market making it one of the must-visit spot in the area for Bangkok visitors. It boasts 658 rooms including suites that promise each room in its three zones will have a magnificent panoramic view over the Bangkok skyline.  The Standard Zone (22nd - 45th floors) guarantees a wonderful Bangkok in a glimpse of sunny dazzling city by day and a glittering city lights at night. The Sky Zone (46th – 63rd floors) promises to provide an incredible view of City of Angels while being in spacious and comfortable rooms from magical sunrise to lingering sunset of indefinable aura of the graceful city. The last zone is Space Zone (64th – 74th floors) where the highest and most spectacular rooms are located as guests will have an experience of being in the “top of the capital” because of the magnificence of the glamorous view of the kingdom and its gorgeous skyline.  I’m sure any zone of Baiyoke Sky Hotel that guests will choose to stay will definitely have a luxurious experience because of this magnificent panoramic view of Bangkok.

The City of Angels by morning.
Bangkok before it all burst in light at night time.
In reaching the tower you have to take a long ride up to the 77th floor of the tower to buy ticket first at the reception area. Upon entering the 77th floor area, you’ll be greeted with wide wall-like windows of the floor where you’ll have a wide view of the city of Bangkok! The flashing lights of the city’s skyscrapers, highways, commercial billboards and street lights is bombarding to my eyesight! I don’t know what window I will look upon first as all the views around the viewing deck is a stunning sight of Bangkok at night! And though I had difficulty of taking photos because of the glass cover, it did not stop me to appreciate the beauty the view that I am seeing in front of my eyes. Everything is flashing in light, colors and shapes of Bangkok at night! 

A "Welcome" landmark ay Observation Deck of 77th Floor.
 The Observation Deck of 77th floor also has nook areas where you can sit and stop for a while to admire the stunning view of Bangkok. While I roam around, I also noticed that there are numerous memorabilia of Thai culture and heritage like the traditional masks used in puppet shows and vintage photographs of Thai history. I also saw models of Thai public transportations like the Tuktuk where you can have souvenir photographs. The observation deck is not just a great way to appreciate the views of the city but also a learning opportunity to know more about Thailand and Bangkok.

Stunning and sparkling lights of the City of Angels!
While some find that seeing the view of Bangkok’s skyscrapers is enough. Others enjoyed it the most while having dinner or lunch with family and friends. This is what visitor’s should not miss in Bangkok Sky Restaurant located at 76th and 78th Floor of the tower. Diners will definitely have an awesome experience while having a buffet dining of various cuisines amidst a panoramic view of Bangkok from the wide windows. Visitors who choose to eat in the restaurant will have complimentary access to the Observation and Revolving view decks of Baiyoke Sky Hotel.

Traditional Thai mask used in theater plays on display.
Private nook section at 77th floor for reflective viewing of the city.
Locating the skyscrapers you are seeing...
Bangkok's most symbolic public transportation - Tuktuk!
 I know that my viewing of the city doesn’t end up in Observation Deck of 77th floor, so together with my companions we headed to the most exciting section of the tower included in the ticket, the Revolving View Deck at 84th floor. The view deck boast a 360 degree view of Bangkok in open air while on the revolving platform that slowly moves you around to let you savour the experience of having a sky view of the city.

In this view deck, I got a view of Bangkok without glass barriers like in the other view decks of the tower except from the steel barricades that surround the whole platform for safety precautions as someone might fall there by accident or jump there to commit suicide. The revolving view deck is the best spot of the tower to fully appreciate a 360 degree view of Bangkok. It is not only fresh air that I breathe and the cool breeze of air that I feel in the Revolving View Deck but I see the an amazing sight of Bangkok brightly lit with sparkling lights of the city and bombarded with flashes of lights from the towering skyscrapers, huge billboards and curving twirl of highways that are all too hard to miss. 

It's time to see Bangkok from the sky!
Lights of the city...
Color wheel tower - lights are changing colors time to time.
Everything is glittering, flashing and sparkling.
A graceful aura of the kingdom from the sky...
The slow movement of the revolving platform let me enjoy the experience of viewing a 360 degree panorama view of Bangkok from the sky.  The sight of Bangkok from the view deck literally made me feel what it is to be on the “top of the capital.” Everything is glittering, flashing and sparkling. It was a sight that is too much amazing to forget. I bet this magnificent view from the deck is also best viewed during sunset time. This is definitely one activity that visitors should not miss when in Bangkok!

Play of lights at the Revolving View Deck of Baiyoke Sky Hotel.
A ticket to the observation decks of Baiyoke Sky Hotel comes with a complimentary drink to Roof Top Bar and Music on 83rd floor. So we proceeded to the bar after the revolving view deck from 84th floor to chill and relax before going back to our accommodation. The Roof Top Bar and Music is the night life spot in Baiyoke Sky Hotel. There are daily live band that croons popular songs to entertain its visitors and patrons while still having a magnificent view of the city. What I like in the bar is that whatever seat you took, you will always have a glimpse of the sparkling city at night because of its wall height glass windows that surrounds the bar. During my visit, there are no live bands but they were playing mellow songs that are just perfect for me to chat with my travel mates and just relax after a tiring day tour to Ratchaburi and Samphran. Choices of complimentary drinks from the ticket are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.  I choose a piña colada for me. 

The view of Bangkok from my eyesight as I relax and listen to the crooning music of Roof Top Bar and Music.
Spending last night in Bangkok with a piña colada...
The view decks of Baiyoke Sky Hotel should not be missed when in Bangkok. The 360 degree magnificent panoramic view of Bangkok is such an amazing sight that I won’t forget! It literally gave me a view of Bangkok from the sky - on the top of the capital and over the gorgeous skyline of the kingdom! My last night in Bangkok is best spent here – viewing the stunning and sparkling lights of the City of Angels and relaxing on the crooning music while sipping a piña colada.

360 degree of Bangkok from the Sky is part of my Thailand's Amazing Smiles series where I share my wonderful trip to the land of amazing smiles last October 25-28, 2011. For a helpful trip to Bangkok visit Bangkok for Visitors website for more information. You might also like the other parts of the series:  
Baiyoke Sky Hotel
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