Saturday, August 04, 2012

The Goddess of Dawn in Concepcion

I woke up 5 in the morning expecting to catch my first Concepcion sunrise from the terrace balcony of our accommodation room.  I still felt dizzy from a morning wake along with recovery of tiredness from our trip yesterday from Iloilo City. But the view I saw from the terrace was something gorgeous to make up my first great morning and sunrise hunt in Concepcion. From the terrace, I marvel on the view of Concepcion’s coastal port with cloud patched sky from upper view, a middle view of mountain islands and down to a view of vast calm sea - all bade in blue hue of morning dawn. I thought while in marvel that everything seems to be touched by the Goddess of the Dawn.

I wish every morning I always get this kind of dawn view. It evokes feelings of calmness, serenity and clear thoughts.
This view is something new for me as I used to view sunsets in coastal beaches. I love sunset views for its magnificent and stunning moment. But dawn is a beholding sight as well! I did not expect my sunrise hunt will turn to witnessing a beautiful dawn in Concepcion. It was my first dawn catch and it was a grateful morning I ever had.

Blue dawn color painted the whole beautiful scenery of Concepcion’s coastal port.  Aside from the vast sea and islands that as far as my eyes can see, even coconut trees standing along the port and bancas (outrigger boats) docked in the shore were all painted in blue. It was a like a royal moment for the Goddess of the Dawn – Aurora. The coastal port of Concepcion at this time in the morning is quiet. This quietness contributes to a laidback atmosphere that is carried out throughout the municipality.  This kind of morning is perfect for meditation, morning exercise or just having a relaxing viewing. I wish every morning I always get this kind of dawn view. It evokes feelings of calmness, serenity and clear thoughts. I don’t get this kind of stunning view everyday or even every morning at least. So I quickly decided to get my camera to capture this beautiful morning moment in Concepcion that “goddess Aurora” is offering! 

Breaking dawn at Concepcion...
Beautiful blue morning.
Before sunrise.
Charming coastal scene of Concepcion.
All bade in blue hue of morning dawn.

Riding over the calm ripples of the water.
A real gem of Concepcion.
3 hours from Iloilo City, the municipality of Concepcion is a coastal town located at the north eastern part of Iloilo Province.  A large expanse of Concepcion occupies the territorial water towards the Visayan Sea, one of the richest marine resources of the Philippines. Glimmering off the coast of Concepcion, are 16 paradise islands poised to become Panay’s next emerging tourist destination. At first glance, the islands appear as half-drowned mountains jutting out from the sea and bordered by intermittent stretches of fine golden yellow to white sand and spectacular rock formations. They are connected by azure blue waters and a rich marine ecosystem creating one of the most scenic seascapes in entire Province of Iloilo. From a distance, the islands of Concepcion appear as gigantic natural protective outreach of the mainland with the tallest Mt. Manaphag (Pan de Azucar Island) commanding the view rising 573 feet above sea level making it the landmark of the municipality. (Info sources: Explore Iloilo). 
 *Aurora is the Roman goddess of Dawn in Roman Mythology

The Goddess of Dawn in Concepcion is part of my Concepcion: Iloilo's hidden gem series that tells about my travel stories on my visit to Iloilo's northern municipality of Concepcion last July 10-11, 2012. To learn more about Concepcion, read Explore Iloilo's website. You might also like the other parts of the series:
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  1. bluer than blue.. ansarap sa mata yung mga gnyang scenery

  2. ang kalmado ng tubig! haven't been to this part of iloilo yet, next time siguro :)

  3. @Kulpitot: And very relaxing lalo na kung every morning ganito makikita mo. Thanks for visiting!

    @Christian: Naku, go here if you have a chance. The islands of Concepcion are photographer's paradise! Mas magaganda siguro 'tong pic ko kung SLR ang gamit.

  4. waiting for the sun to rise in a new place brings you that sense of peace and serenity as you welcome a new day. glad to know you also enjoy this kind of activity. cheers!

  5. Ganda naman ng lugar na to, Sarap magpalipas ng gabi dyan lalo na pag kasama mo yung special someone mo hehe..Tama ka Ian very relaxing nga na lugar ito. Sana maka visit din ako dyan soon. Thanks.

  6. @Vin: Actually its my first time to do dawn catching and viewing - accidentally! And I enjoyed it so much!

    @Khear: Thanks for visiting! Visiting Concecpcion is worth it. You will definitely love the place.

  7. Now I have more reasons to go back to Iloilo :D


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