Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Going 7 Super Shots

This is not easy but I am taking part in HostelBookers 7 Super Shots as I was tagged by Ca of Adventurous Feet to share the best 7 travel photos of mine coming from various categories.  Honestly, I feel mixed emotion in doing my 7 Super Shots. I’m glad to be tag along but I also feel pressure in selecting the best photo to represent a category as it is not easy to trim down hundreds of travel photos that I had for one selected photo for a category. Further, I am not a travel photographer with SLR camera so please do not expect a “photographer’s level” of super hi-resolution travel photography shots at its finest but expect awesome photos with wonderful stories behind it in every category.  

This is not really easy, but here’s my 7 Super Shots in random order…

“Winter Sonata in China”
Beihai Park, Beijing, China,
March 2012.

This winter photo is unexpectedly full of drama, emotion and romantic as well. The color of winter sky beautifully mixed with the shadowed surroundings of the park. It was so stunning! An awesome winter scenery that only captured in Beihai Park.  Many travel photos of mine are contenders for this category but this one really wins my heart. I did not expect that winter in Beijing could be this breath-taking!

A photo that MAKES ME DREAM
“Welcome to Paradise“
Waikiki Beach, Hawaii, USA
August 2010.

Visiting Hawaii was one of the best vacations I had in the past. It was a real welcome to paradise as this island don’t just have unspoiled natural beauty and beaches which most of us presumed in a place tagged “paradise” but also has a complete package that offers to any visitors – be it cultural, historical, shopping or extreme sports trips, Hawaii has them all.  And there is "Aloha Spirit" - traits of character that expresses charms, warmth and sincerity of Hawaii's people. This is also the reason why it is not difficult to mingle with the locals and to live in Hawaii as they are always welcoming everyone. No wonder I am one of those visitors who fall in love in Hawaii’s timeless charm. And it makes me dream to return their again and again.

A photo that MAKES ME THINK
“The Beauty of the Philippines”
Borcay Island, Aklan, Philippines
Summer 2008, April 2008.

This photo makes me think how beautiful our country is. And the best way to represent that beauty of our country in a travel photo is the undying stunning sunset from probably one of the travel destination island in our country – Boracay. This Boracay sunset photo is inspired from a Philippine Airline TV commercial in the 80’s entitled “The Beauty of the Philippines.” Beautiful isn’t it?

"Pure Shores of Alona"
Alona Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol
Summer 2011, March 2011.

This photo reminds me of a great Summer 2011 in Bohol where I first time celebrate my birthday on a trip and away from home. I had a great time in Bohol that which makes me smile everytime I remember that trip through this photo. But this photo also makes me laugh because I don’t know if it is beach-hunger or summer excitement, I forget the hot rays of the sun and played under it like theirs no tomorrow until I got sunburn all-over! I really became dark-skinned after this trip which made a subject of jokes with my work colleagues until its over.

“A bowl of Thailand”
Seafood Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand
October 2011

The best Tom Yum Soup I’ve tasted so far… it was a mixed of sweetness and spiciness with a very tasty meat, crunchy veggies and the ginger played so well with the sweet soup even it is hot! It was like a bowl of whole Thailand cuisine in it! 

A photo that TELLS A STORY
“A view of Guam that you will never forget”
Two Lover’s Point, Guam, USA.
November 2008.

While this is a scenic view of cliff overlooking Tumon Bay and the rest of Hagatna – the capital of Guam, it was named Two Lover’s Point because of a legendary story of ill-fated lovers who jumped of the cliff because of their love for each other disapprove by their family so they can’t be separated forever. Though, there was a sad love story behind this cliff, it leave a legacy in the Guamanian culture by making the place ideal for wedding ceremonies or more aptly an ideal place to vow commitment and forever love because of the story behind the place.  This photo also tells another story - the long ties of Guam and Philippines. Approximately 3km from the ocean where the Two Lover’s Point and Tumon Bay facing is already Philippine Sea. The meeting of two ocean and proximity of two territories to each other resulted a very strong tie relation with each other since the Spanish Galleon times which is so evident until today with a 80% of Guam population is of Filipino heritage.  And behind these stories is a beautiful view of Guam that I will never forget.

A photo that I AM MOST PROUD OF (aka my worthy of National Geographic shot)
“Seeing one of the wonders of the world”
Great Wall of China - Mutianyu Section, Huarou County, China
March 2012.

Tell me if this qualifies for a NatGeo shot but I am most proud of this shot because I tried my best to capture the most dramatic shot possible of the Great Wall of China. It was hard to take photos of this world wonder as I am exposed under harsh condition of cold winter weather, low body temperature and quite becoming sickly in muscle pain and cold. Also, I am very proud of this photo because capturing the Great Wall under the lens is quite a “conquer” of seeing one of the wonders of the world. I never expect to land a feet and conquer the Great Wall of China – it’s still quite a dreamy state being there.  

As part of the HostelBookers 7 Super Shots’ playing mechanics, I am nominating 5 travel bloggers to do the same 7 Super Shots to share in their blogs.
1. Bino of Frameless World
4. Anton of Pusang Kalye

Don’t forget to tweet with hashtag #7SuperShots in your tweeter pages if you do the 7 Super Shots. Further mechanics of the game is in this link. And to end this post, which among my 7 Super Shots is the best travel photo and why? Please do share your thoughts. Thanks!


  1. super 7 photos talaga..good job Ian...but i love the bowl of thailand the most..ahahaha..fave ko eh..thanks as usual sa visit! tc!


  2. superb nga!! :D I love it kuya ian especfially the 3rd one. I love the dramatic feel from the photo./

  3. ramdam ko yung lamig sa great wall of china photo mo :)

  4. @Ruby: Same to you! Thanks for visiting!

    @Wander Shugah: Beautiful sunset only from Boracay.

    @Christian: Sobrang lamig talaga nyan kung alam mo lang... hehe...

  5. Cool 7 super shots of yours! Kelan ko kaya magagwa yung sakin. hahaha


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