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Bolinao Accomodation: Solomon’s Paradise Resort and Bar Grill

I first heard about Solomon’s Paradise Resort and Bar Grill when it was featured in a Manila Bulletin Travel section issue. It was being promoted as a resort of choice to stay when visiting Bolinao. I research about the resort in their multiply website and found their amenities and facilities were enough to satisfy my short day-off getaway in Bolinao, Pangasinan.

A piece of home in Bolinao, Pangasinan.
Resort's main building.
The resort is located 40 minutes away from Bolinao town proper in Baranggay Abrac near the coastal area. On the road going to the resort you’ll encounter a bumpy tricycle ride as the some parts of the main road leading to the resort are not yet pave which I did not expect in a 40 minute tricycle ride! Its quite a pain in the ass on a road trip and I did not expect that its quite far from the town proper but good thing the resort has a personal tricycle to fetch its clients from the town proper. Mang Celso was a very kind tricycle driver. He is also a tour guide in a Bolinao tour. Tricycles are the only public vehicles roaming in the area of Barangay Abrac, other than that are private vehichles.

First and last sunset experience in Solomon's Paradise beach front.
Me and my friends arrived at the resort during sunset time. It was a perfect moment to stroll by the resort’s picturesque beach front! True to its website pictures, its beach front is one of its main assets. Aside from the beach itself, the beach is surrounded by beautiful and scenic rock formations that are very suitable to the beach scenery and perfect for travel photography shots. Solomon’s Paradise Resort beach is best explored in the morning where the beauty of the rock formations is fully seen in every detail. Though the beach is rocky because its natural surroundings, it has a very rewarding seascape that will meet you eyes. There were also “natural pools” by the beach. It is a rock formation submerge in the  shallow waters where in the middle is a hole of various sizes and one can swim inside like a private pool. Though, you have to be careful in trying to swim in those natural pools as it has varying depths that might not meet your body height. Solomon’s Paradise Resort’s beach front is one of the amenities that made me choose to stay there.

First sunrise... Good morning Bolinao!
The main building's rooftop - perfect for hangout and relaxation.
What I also like in Solomon’s Paradise Resort is its true testament of proximity to places of interests in Bolinao. The resort is near to Bolinao’s main place of interests like Enchanted Cave (7 minutes away), Wonderful Cave (3-5 minutes away), Bolinao Lighthouse (5 minutes away) and Patar Beach (10 minutes away). So visiting these places of interests in Bolinao is not a problem when staying in the resort. Plus the resort is offering an affordable package tour to these places which me and my friends availed during our stay. Mang Celso was our guide in the tour who patiently waited for us as we explore the different sights in Bolinao.
Nipa hut rooms.
A sample room of the resort. No air-conditioned room in all rooms.
Pinoy-style fan room of the resort. Photo courtesy of the resort's website.
The room accommodation and its amenities of the resort depends on the preferred taste of the guests. All of the rooms are fan rooms only with no private bathroom and comfort room. Bathroom and comfort room are communal and a couple of steps away from the rooms. All of the rooms are made of bamboo and nipa hut native style set-up together in one piece facility. There are also no private television to watch that can be the main activity of the guests by night time. There is also no wi-fi internet zone in the resort.

The amenities were not a big deal to me as the resort seems to be built not in the traditional standard accommodation type but in a literal resort vacation type. But my friends were surprised who is used to standard accommodations with TV, aircon, private comfort rooms and maybe with mini-fridge rooms. The fan room is not a problem because at night it is very cold that you’ll switch the fan off. There’s just not much to do at night in the resort because its quite dark outside and the resort is quite in a remote place. But don’t worry its safe, telephone is available at the receiving area and there are mobile phone signals.  The communal bathroom and comfort room is quite an issue because you need to walk a couple of steps to reach it. It is near the reception building where the caretaker stays and payment is made. Though, there are enough bathrooms and comfort rooms for the guests, it quite a hassle for a 10-step walk to the facility especially at night time. Me and my friends just thought that those situation are not worst but part of an experience in vacation getaway where one must expose to different or new things to get an unforgettable trip.

The crown glory of the resort... its beach-front!
Perfect for photoshoot!
Only in Solomon's Paradise...
Awe in the beauty of the rock formations...
A stunning beach front of the resort.
Play like a sea goddess in Solomon's Paradise beach.
Our morning is rewarded by the scenic beach front of the resort and a beautiful sunrise. We had a breakfast by the beach front under one of the open-air nipa huts. Breakfast is free and part of the room accommodation we availed. Guests can also use the resort’s hammock which is also by the beach front to relax. And then you can stroll by the beach the whole morning after breakfast just like what we done. Or you can stroll there the whole day if you want. Good thing were the only guest in the resort during our stay. It made us feel having a private vacation and had the resort all by ourselves. I can say all the guest here can have a private, quiet, fun and unforgettable vacation.

I would not recommend the resort for those who prefers standard room accommodations but for guests who are looking for a remote, private and quiet vacation, this is recommended. I don’t find the facilities and amenities as worst but can be improve. They have an affordable package for room accommodations and Bolinao sightseeing tours that can meet the requirements of a budget traveler. Their rates just suited to what they offer. But overall, Solomon’s Paraside Resort and Bar Grill is perfect for those who intend to explore Bolinao’s treasured sights and to have an unforgettable vacation in a short time with family and friends.  

Solomon’s Paradise Bar Grill Beach Resort
Abrac, Patar, Bolinao, Pangasinan
Philippines 2406
Reservation inquiries, bookings and contacts: 0905 3981470 (Globe) and 0928 4748845 (Smart)
E-mail :
*This is not a paid article promotion


  1. wow! thanks for sharing this... will check this out pagpunta ko ng Bolinao! ^_^

  2. Very convenient location! I reckon guests may not like the communal bathroom, but should be good for a couple of night's stay :)

  3. @Pinoy Adventurista: Try it, you'll definitely love the beach front.

    @Gaye: Yup, I endure it but not much an issue to me since where the only ones who are check-in at the resort at that time. Because of it, we felt, we privately own the resort.

  4. Mukhang ok nga dyan lalo na when i saw the view! :D I might go back to Bolinao sa May :D

  5. @Micamyx: Thanks for visiting... The beach front with lots of stunning rock formation is the crown glory of the resort. You can enjoy your stay there without visiting the other sites of Bolinao.

  6. uy ok to ah. i prefer these types of accommodations lalo na yung mga nipa hut style. too bad i wasn't able to see bolinao the way you did. when i went there 2 years ago, the sea was like a gigantic washing machine!

  7. Based from your post, the location is great! One of the factors when looking for an accommodation is accessibility and Solomons Paradise fits the bill. :) It's nice that you were able to enjoy this resort though the communal facilities can be quite a hassle.

  8. @Vin: This Summer is the perfect time to see Bolinao... Try Solomon's Paradise. The place itself is interesting already.

    @Karla: That is the resorts' main strength - its proximity to interesting sights of Bolinao. Though it's location from the main town proper is quite far too. 45 minutes on tryke! But everything is a worthy stay even the communal restroom.

    @Makati Apartments: Read my other accommodation reviews here.

  9. One of the best place to relax is in a beach resort which gives you a refreshing and a relaxing feeling. Every weekend I bring myself to a resort to experience fresh air and to be with the waves :) enjoy your weekend guys. This is one of the best beach resort I've heard, someday I'll be here.

    Xahnn from Postdoctoral Fellow

  10. ganda jan ah! been looking for a place na mura sa bolinao and i guess this is it :)

  11. @Xahnn: Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    @Christian: This resort is a great catch. I wouldn't mind returning here if given a chance to return to Bolinao again.

  12. Its a very nice and informative blog. I like these kinds of blogs. I hope this information is very useful for all searching about Tour to Kerala.

  13. wala po ba kayo pics sa lighthouse,

    1. please see this link, Germaine -

  14. good pm. do they have cottages too? and can you please tell the their rates? thanks

    1. Yes, they have. Please contact the resort directly on the numbers I shared at the end of my hotel review.

  15. may i know the rate of the accommodation u took? and the tour package u availed? thank you.

    1. I think it is around 900PHP per kubo room good for 4 pax. But please do inquire at the resort directly as the rates definitely change since my last visit way back in 2011. They also provide tryke tour services around Bolinao.


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