Sunday, February 12, 2012

Travel Memories: Fly High on Summertime!

The heat wave is slowly breezing in the air. The sun is starting to cast heat rays. The weather is starting to be hot. And days are becoming longer than nights. Can you feel it? It’s in the air... Its Summertime!!! Here in Going Places, mid-February is the start of Summer 2012. Its a celebration because Summer is the perfect time to travel. I think everyone will agree with me on this. Summertime has the perfect weather to travel. No rains and moonsoons most of the time in this period, so it is no wonder why most people prefer to travel during this time from February to May. Even the colors jives in summertime. Cerulean blue, yellow, bright green and orange – all colors of summer that I’m starting to see vividly every summertime. This year, I am looking forward for a very exciting summer and a great summer getaway. And hopefully spent in great places perfect to fly high on summertime!

I think giving a jump is not enough to celebrate summer! I think this time, its time to fly high to celebrate summer! It is the perfect way to celebrate it, right? Just like the way I seem to fly when I reached the peak of mountain hiking in Real Cove Resort, Antipolo, Rizal last Summer 2011. Learn more about my Summer 2011 – here.

Travel Memories is a snapshot photo in my travels where one picture don't only goes as a memorable perfect travel postcard photo but also evokes a vivid memory of a happy, unforgettable and great travel experience.


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