Monday, January 16, 2012

Everything is MORE FUN in the Philippines!

It is a great start of the year for the Philippine tourism to have a new and refreshing slogan to promote it as a destination of choice for world travelers with "It's more fun in the Philippines" campaign. It is also a great start of the year for the travel industry and travel enthusiast as the Philippines has been a long time didn't carry a new tourism slogan to boost its promotion and marketing since the WOW campaign.

For me, it is also a great start of the year to see Philippine tourism with a different outlook and an engaging slogan that is simple but very true to the country's characteristic and pride. Its a good job for the Department of Tourism as the campaign is warmly received and liked in Internet social media and networking sites like blogs, Twitter, You Tube and Facebook. Almost everyone is tweeting it and put it on their shouts. Some made their own promotional videos uploaded on You Tube and share their own version of local tourism photos with the slogan on it in Facebook walls. Its trending until now. On my part, I also made shouts and tweets including sharing of  "more fun" videos and photos and now a special blog entry about it.

The new slogan and logo of Department of the Philippines. This is the international campaign.
The slogan has something for everyone.Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez defended the slogan by tweeting,  “The line isn’t a manufactured slogan. It’s simply the truth about our country. Don’t be swayed by people who are trying to punch holes in it.” I agree. The slogan is flexible where every Filipinos can have fun on it. It says a simple truth about our country, places, activities, food, history, culture, etc. I find the phrase simply catchy yet refreshing to attract everyone. Plus the colorful imposing of colors on the Harabara font and on the map logo of the country that depicts a symbolic "banig" denotes a true spirit of Filipino that whenever you go around the country it is the Filipinos' smile and hospitality that makes any holiday stay here unforgettable. 

The domestic slogan. The hashtag is very social media friendly!
As a travel blogger that promotes the Philippines as a destination of choice, I support DOT's campaign. I like the new slogan as everyone can have fun on it. Here's my version of "It more fun in the Philippines" photos captured in some of my travels around the country:

White Beach, Station 1, Boracay.
Dinner resto at Alona Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol.
Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan.
Experience it in Davao!
Perfect in Boracay!
Lechon in Cebu is definitely more fun!
Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro.
Bolinao, Pangasinan.
Solomon's Paradise in Bolinao.
A mountain view of Antipolo, Rizal.
Virgin Island sandbar, Bohol.
Chocolate Hills in Carmen, Bohol.
Hundred Islands National Park, Alaminos City, Pangasinan.
A variety of Waling-waling in Davao City.
Alona Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol.
Quezon Island, Alaminos, Pangasinan.
Philippine Tarsiers of Bohol.
Patar Beach, Bolinao, Pangasinan.
Taal Volcano and Taal Lake in Tagaytay, Cavite.
 Here are some interesting promo ads shared and made by Facebook users that I saw. Some are "kulit" ad.

Finally, a video compilation of photos with the slogan from a You Tube user shared on Facebook.

Don't you agree? Everything is more fun in the Philippines! Learn more about It's more fun in the Philippines here.


  1. It is indeed more fun in the Philippines.

  2. with these awesome photos, it's definitely more fun in the Philippines! :)

  3. sarap gumawa ng mga meme photos ng itsmorefuninthephilippines no? saya saya.totoo talaga. we can own that tagline coz its the reality!!!!let's know more of our country.marami pa tayong kailangang i-explore sa Pinas and more surprises are waiting for us.cheers!!!!

  4. @Pack-up and Drift: I couldn't more... thanks for visiting!

    @Pinoy Adventurista: Everyone really can have fun on it. Simple but very true to the country's identity and pride.

    @Anton: Yup! It's really true about us and to our country. Grabe, dinownload ko talaga pa ang Harabara font para lang magawa yang meme photos na yan. Ang ganda ng concept behind the slogan.

  5. super agree! :)

    ganda nung seascape pic, ftw!

  6. @Christian: I'm not sure. That pic just came from a FB user.

    @Chyng: I also like it along with 7,107 islands, Sunset and Sunrise meme photo.

  7. this is good that pinas tourism is already making effort to promote our beautiful country...that is the reason why wherever i go pinas is still the best..

    salamat sa visit Ian..ingat!


  8. love the last photo. the water is so clear! definitely more fun in the philippines! :)

  9. @Redruby: I agree... you're welcome.

    @Vin: The pic came from a FB user. I like the idea behind it. The photo is so stunning!

  10. Galing nung video, great compilation :)

  11. Hi. Do you own the meme "B-B-Q. More fun in the Philippines”? I'm currently working for this campaign by the Philippine Department of Tourism, and we need access to the memes. If you don’t own it, may I know where you got it so we can trace the owner? Please let me know. You can e-mail me at Thank you.

  12. @Hana: unfortunately I don't know who own the BBQ meme as these are just random picks from an Facebook share of the campaign page.

    1. With the appointment of Bernadette Puyat as new DOT secretary...more tourists will surely visit the Philippines...


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