Souvenirs, bay!

While walking in downtown Cebu plaza capitol, a sidewalk street full of stalls of souvenirs from Cebu caught my attention to look upon Most of the souvenirs that can be bought ranges from paintings, native weaved bags, key chains up to jewel necklaces that are authentic made from Cebu. And while spotting around for a perfect souvenir from the "Queen City of the South" this troop of colorful and various key chains caught my attention in one of the stalls. This made me bought a uniquely wood-carved Cebu guitar key chain as my own souvenir.

Stairway to Heaven

I find this stairway shaped against the hill leading to Cebu Taoist Temple a dramatic one. Each layer of steps leads to the magnificent structures of the Taoist Temple adorned by Chinese ornaments and symbols like dragons and red lanterns. Climbing these stairs is quite a tough one as the ascend is difficult than the descend. These first layer of steps is just an introductory. For you to see the other sights of the temple, layers of these numerous steps must be walked through until you reach the hilltop where a beautiful view of Cebu City is waiting to be seen.

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