Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Magazine cover worthy Pangasinan

While enjoying the nice beaches in Quezon Island (part of Pangasinan's Hundred Islands National Park), I saw and captured this rock formation in the island molded with natural stairs and terraces along with native cabana for visitors to enjoy. Set along a scenery cove and beach along with trees and rock formation, I instantly find the sight, a magazine cover worthy of Pangasinan in a photo. I also imagine a travel magazine with this photo on the cover and have Pangasinan as a the cover story where inside the magazine are lots of stories about trip to the province. Don't you agree this photo is magazine cover worthy?

Learn more about my Pangasinan wanderings in Alaminos' Hundred Islands National Park here.

Travel Memories is a snapshot photo in my travels where one picture don't only goes as a memorable perfect travel postcard photo but also evokes a vivid memory of a happy, unforgettable and great travel experience.


  1. Thanks for appreciating my hometown :D will read more of your Pangasinan adventures :D

  2. pwede! maybe you can crop the left part of the photo near the leftmost window para mas strong yung image :)

  3. nagustuhan ko sinabi mo ---hometown ko yan eh. POSTCARD WORTHY.naman!!!!

  4. ay---MAGAZINE COVER WORTHY pala.hehehe

  5. @Micamyx: I would be glad to hear feedbacks. Thanks for visiting!

    @Christian: Thanks for the suggestion. This pic is a real instant hit for a magazine cover when I saw it... simply yet stunning.

    @Anton: Both Postcard or Magazine cover! Right? Thanks!

  6. definitely! hundred islands offers a lot of picturesque rocks and sceneries that are worthy for magazine covers or postcards :)


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