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Ni Hao, Mabuhay and Aloha!

I have been traveling since 7 years old. So it is no wonder that since my first exposure to travel at an early age made a "viajero" passion in me. It is since then I keep on discovering and exploring places to travel. My first international travel was in Sydney, Australia and my earliest within the country travel that I remember is in Iloilo, where my father hails from and our my family's frequent vacation destination. I am proud Caviteno, half Ilonggo (sounds global?) and born in Cavite City, Cavite where I still currently resides. 

Most of my travels before were all just about family reunions especially in overseas trips but my recent trips in the last 5 years were now more about exploration, discovery and experiences about a certain place. I make wide research about the place now and I do careful itinerary planning before going on a trip. It gave me a deeper knowledge and wider perspective about the place I am about to visit. Honestly, I would want most of my travels to be out of the country. It was just recently maybe 3 years ago that I did take a round the Philippines trip experiences and discoveries. Discovering the wonders of other countries make me crave to discover more. But taking an adventure around the Philippines is also a great discovery of its 7, 107 wonders!

One of the best within the country trip - Puerto Galera.
I never experience traveling solo. And I think I wouldn't. They say to try solo travel for you to have experience independence, self-confidence and had more to time to reflect about oneself. But for me, travel is best experienced when shared with others like family and friends. You create memorable memories, learn a lot of things and get unforgettable trips when you have companions in your viajes. Hence, why most of my travels, I had travel mates - either my family, relatives or friends!

Memories of my first travel in Sydney, Australia.
Summer 2010 in Matabungkay, Lian, Batangas.
I've worked in the travel industry as a travel agent for a year before I landed to my current job as a ground steward in a ground handling company at Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Even in my career, you can see my passion for travel still lies as with these backgrounds on travel, geography, tourism and airlines, my passion in travel just intensifies.

Maybe you are also wondering how do I get to travel a lot if my source of travel fund is only my salary. Well, I going to tell a secret. I have yearly travel benefits via ID tickets courtesy of my mothers' benefits who worked as an airline employee from an airline with a slogan of "Asia's first, shinning through" A reason why you often see her in my trips. Actually, my mom is the real viajera, dragging me and my siblings in her travel trips often since we're young. I am very much thankful for this travel benefits that I get because without it I wouldn't see the world! I would never enjoy travel to the fullest without it! I am very lucky to have it!

Aloha to Hawaii's Paradise.
Siam elephant encounters in Thailand.
I also love writing. I started writing way back in writing school project essays and poetry. But I did not expect that from simple poems and essays, my passion for writing will emerge. Travel combined with my passion for writing is something I did not expect to be a great combination of a life-long passion. I like to share my travel experiences through writing. This is why I wrote all my travel stories to the best that I can describe it so readers can have a great image of the adventures I had through words.

Ian meets the 7,107 islands of the Philippines in Alaminos, Pangasinan.
Travel let me experience the best of life can offer. I don't only appreciate the places I am visiting or the sights I am seeing but it let me appreciate life at most through discovery of having a positive outlook in life at all times and embracing the different sides of it - good and bad, ups and downs, beauty and ugliness... The happiness, satisfaction and enjoyment I get from this passion is something that money can't buy or equal. And no experience of life can equal the lifetime opportunity to see the beauty of our country or the rest the world through traveling. It is a good way to learn the realities of life, the cultures surrounding us and the rich heritage of our country. Travel let me have experiences of a lifetime.

- Ian Roger C. Poral

More things about me...
  • Dream destination: Beijing, hopefully in 2012. And far-fetched - Greece and Egypt as well as Bahamas.
  • I don't travel without... camera of course! And hankies since I sweat easily.
  • Historical trip vs. theme parks: I'm not fond of theme parks. I more on historical trips because I learn more about the place or its history. Its a better way to understand the place and its people. History is also my favorite school subject.
  • Most romantic destination: Paris
  • Favorite TV Shows: Reality shows, travel shows and Amazing Race of course!
  • Worst travel experience so far: Getting lost in the unfamiliar streets of Bangkok just to look for hotel.
  • Things I collect from trips: I usually collect keychains and souvenir t-shirts but I also collect model airplanes from inflight duty-free or in airport shops.
  • Window seat vs. aisle seat: Always window seat! I love seeing the views all the time. Aisle or middle seat are nightmares for me on airplane trips.
  • Travel tip: Research about the place that you are going to visit like reading tourism sites and travel blogs that discusses the place you want to see. They are very helpful in your itinerary planning and what to expect to the place.


  1. First time to write a detailed profile of me after years of blogging. I hope you enjoy getting to know more about me. 'Good day!

  2. So cute the old photo. Bongga, kiddo pa lang sumi-Sydney na :)

  3. this entry is what i enjoy reading most in a blog, meet the blogger post.

    very well traveled. swerte naman for the id tickets, pakilala mo ko kay mommy! hehe

    wish u more travels! =)

  4. @Gay: It also brings back my first travel memories... I want to visit Sydney again.

    @Chyng: Thanks a lot! I you are the most traveled... I admire your travel stories since I read your blog.

  5. bongga!! nakakainggit naman ang travel benefits ng mom mo.. sana kami rin meron.. hahaha

  6. @Joan: I am very lucky to have them. Thanks for visiting!

  7. grabe ang gala mo this year. me tokyo at kung saan saan pa. pero gusto ko tong paggala mo sa Pinas. Hope you explore the Philippines more. And lets spread the word of how beautiful our country is.:D

  8. are you on twitter pala? Im @pusangkalye22 don.:D

  9. Bongga ang mga lakwatsa,samantalang ako, nasa twenties na yata noong unang nakasakay ng plane ahaha, paramdam ka kapag napadpad ka ulit ng Sydney :)

  10. @Anton: Nako yung Tokyo trip ko last 2004 pa yun, nag-recollect lang me ng memories kaya nag-post ako ng story about my last Tokyo trip. I will explore the Philippines of course, Pilipinas kay Ganda kaya, lol =)

    Yup, I'm on twitter (!/empireofian)and I followed you already.

    @Claire: How I wish to come to Sydney again. Its one of the best places I've been in overseas trips. Mas marami ka kayang napuntahan na lakwatsa than me =)

  11. travelling is always will not only experience seeing the place but also the people and its culture as well...we have the same passion! I wish I can travel more but already happy of the places I have been too!

    more travels for us Ian! lolz! can't wait to visit spain next month.. tc!

    Ruby's Europe Travel

  12. @Ruby: I agree. That's why travel is an experience of a lifetime! Cheers for more travels for us.

    Wow Spain! Inggit much! lol.

  13. ilonggo din po pala kayo. Hindi na nakapagtataka, mahilig talaga mga ilonggo gumala. hehehe

  14. Wow ikaw na talaga ang lakwatsero! :D

  15. You've been everywhere since you were a kid! Whoa! :)

  16. Hi Ian, we found a photo of the Diocese of Antipolo in your blog and would like to request your permission to use this on the official website of the Diocese Appreciate if you can connect with me at your earliest convenience.

    Many thanks, and great blog!

  17. hi ian. you have a very nice and cool blog! keep on traveling and sharing your stories!

    1. Thanks! Hope you read my future travel stories...

  18. hi Tukayo,

    ahaha, I'm iAn too so to make a distinction I have the "A" capitalized instead of "I".

    You have cool travel logs in here..Am looking forward to more of your stories.

    1. Thanks you for visiting. I haven't updated for a while now but rest assured that the rest of my travel stories will be shared here soon. 'Will check on your travel blog as well too.

  19. Hello Ian. My name is Nick.

    I would like to publish a sponsored post (with one link) on your great blog. Could you please give me the price for the placement of it?

    1. As of now, I don't allowed sponsored post unless it is about travel. Please contact me on my email for more details -

  20. ang ganda ng theme ng website!

  21. Wow Sydney!!! I wish i can visit Australia very soon! Very informative and entertaining blog you have here :) kudos!

    1. Thank you... And hope you read my travel stories...


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