Monday, October 03, 2011

Travel Show: Where's Tony?

Where’s Tony? is a weekly travel show which invites you to a wacky and one of a kind adventure. With a list highlighting the top things to see, to try, to eat, to experience and to discover in the featured destination.  It is hosted by none other than the witty and wacky DJ of Magic 89.9, Tonytony. With his crazy antics and daring pursuits in trying everything and anything in the name of adventure, you will be guaranteed of a one of a kind travel show.

First airing starts last March, I've been a follower of this show just recently before it ended its Season 1 airing. The charm of this show is not just the beautiful places that are mostly local provinces of the country it covers per episode but also of the wackiness of its fun hosts whose kinda naughty (hehe...), DJ Tonytony. As the teaser says, he will do anything and try everything in the name of adventure, you will expect a comedy-filled travel adventure with all of his crazy antics packed in this travel show!

What is also unique in this travel show is its injection of fun and comedy per episode that you wouldn't find boring to watch while you learn about the places it features. I also like the fact that they do interviews of local people in the province and featuring its local products to give viewers an authentic glimpse of what to expect in the place. They even feature out of the track sites to visit in the province.

TV Teaser

This travel show promises to take you on a wild ride travel experience to amazing destination of the country, from rustic to modern, from simple and mystic remote communities to grand spectacle of cultural festivals. It covers everything and anything that will catch the attention and tickle the curiosity of adventurous Pinoy. Watching this travel show like this has never been this fun and so good! 

Legazpi City, Albay episode

Quezon episode

Cebu episode

Where's Tony? airs every Monday, 11:30pm at Studio 23. Tonight, it will air its start of Season 2. Watch it. I highly recommend it for travel lovers! (Update: The show has postponed its pilot episode last night due to weather forecast coming to the country and schedule to resume on October 24, same time at 11:30pm, Monday at Studio 23)

Learn more about Where's Tony? by visiting its website. You may like its Facebook Page or follow it on Twitter.   


  1. i would love to watch this show... kaso bakit naman sobrang late na.

  2. @Happysole: 'Don't know maybe that's something to do with the slot they got from the studio channel. It's also the same problem of viewers of Trip na Trip, technically shown every Saturday at 1230mn.

  3. oi--never heard of this show until you infusion of comedy nga rin minsan.more travel shows on mainstream tv pls!!!hehehe

  4. cool videos..nice to see shows about travel..

  5. wondering why there is a pop-up in ur site...

  6. @Pusang-kalye: Don't forget Where's Tony? Season 2 premier on October 24, Monday, 11:30pm at Studio 23.

    I agree more travel shows like reviving GMA's Pinoy Meets World and earlier slot for ABS-CBN's Trip na Trip.

    @Ruby: 'Hope you'll able to watch it through Pinoy cable channels.
    What site is popping up? Ads? When I open my site I don't encounter the same any pop-ups.

  7. Yay new pinoy travel show! hope to find this on the net.

  8. hi ian, hindi ko alam may show pala na ganyan.addict ako sa mga travel shows pero all time favorite ko talaga ang globe trekker gusto ko format nila and the inspired me to travel.kaso medyo late pala ang timeslot tulog na ako nyan

  9. @Claire: ang mahirap sa youtube site puro teaser lang ata yung andun. I'll check again.

    @Virgo: thanks for visiting! Yung globe trekker sa Cable pa palabas yun like international production? Yup, late yung timeslot ng Where's Tony? the same with other local travel shows before.

  10. Thanks for sharing! I didn't know that there was a show like this. :) I love travel shows so I hope I don't forget to tune in to the pilot episode on October 24.

    By the way, I saw Tony Tony before because he hosted an event in our school. He is very entertaining! ^_^

  11. sad to say we don't have TFC..besides no time to watch it..

    about just say " Firefox prevented this site from opening a pop-up window...thus i don't open it might be a virus or what...

    might watch this in my next pinas holiday...this is quite interesting...

  12. @Karla: I like his comedic and crazy antics while hosting the show. Don't miss it on Oct 24, Monday at Studio 23.


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