Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Going Places: 3 years of travel, discover, experience and places...

Going Places is a travel blog with the goal of sharing the best travel experiences in each destination it features in a travel magazine-style and tell-all adventure writing.  Each destinations and places featured here is aimed to be discovered and promoted as an ideal travel destination. Travel is one great experience so a chance to see the world is a lifetime opportunity!

This travel blog would also like to encourage travel-trotters and readers to explore the beauty of the Philippines as an ideal travel destination too as there are wonderful 7,107 islands of the country waiting to be explored and experienced. Philippines is beyond the usual, experience it.

The best travel trips is shared with friends! (Puerto Galera, March 2008).
Part of the travel stories is family bonding. (Boracay, April 2008).
Going Places turns 3 this year. This blog started as a personal online diary back in 2004. But in September 2008, this blog rebirths into a full pledge travel blog because of the author's love for travel and writing. So why named and choose Going Places? The word "going" tells an action and moving actively and constantly synonymous to travel or "lakbay" or "byahe" in Filipino which is the essence and type of the blog while "places" refers to the destinations and places itself that this blog adventures and explores with. Going Places' name is a break-away from cliche blog titles to make it unique and one of a kind travel blog.

In 2009, Going Places started campaigning "Going Green", a travel for a cause campaign that promotes Green Travel - a way of travel with social responsibility of taking care and concern to the environment of the place that you are visiting. Learn more about the best of Going Places here.

Going 3!  Its time to take travel to the highest level! (Hawaii, August 2010).
This year, Going Places celebrates its 3 years of traveling and sharing the beautiful places it has featured through its travelogues. It's still like a dream that one can't imagine yet there still many goals that Going Places want to achieve. It has maintain it's motto of "travel", "places", "discover" and "experience" as travel lets you have great discoveries and great experiences in life that's why it adapted the slogan - Travel is an experience of a lifetime!

So what are you waiting for? Let's go places! And make travel as an experience of a lifetime!


  1. Hi Ian! I love your new theme. :) Going Places is really a nice blog to explore more places and encourage people to travel. Hope to see more adventures from you. Take care!

  2. Thanks and cheers for more travel stories of this blog! I'm still a1djusting to the new theme, it seem so website like theme than a blog.

  3. whoa, happy 3rd blogsary!
    yeah, keep on exploring. - TNF

  4. galing how our blogs evolve noh? my blog was a personal one as well when it first started, but it's nice to know how it has developed along the way. :D

    congrats ian! more travels! :D

  5. @Gay and Chyng: Thank you! I wish to travel and share more international destinations in the future.

    @Ed: Thanks, actually I started blogging in 2004, 8 years in total in blogging. I wish for more international travels in the coming years.

    Cheers for more travels!

  6. Cheers to many more years of adventure Ian! Keep on inspiring us, you're doing a great job! :)

  7. @Christian and Claire: Thank you!!! I hope to share more travels in the coming 2012. Cheers to that!

  8. congrats po!! wow 3 years!! sana ang blog ko din makaabot ng ganyan..

  9. cheers to three years and more travels ian! :)

  10. @Joan: thanks! You will, as long as you share interesting stories of your travel with all your passion.

    @Vin: Nice to see you visiting! Crossed-fingers on that "more travels" Thank you.

  11. Oh yes, Pinas is still the best..keep blogging for it and share the beauty of the Philippines...thanks much!

  12. congratulations Ian..keep blogging! you rock! have a safe and happy trip always!

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  13. @Rubz: Thank you, may many more travels come for Going Places.

  14. Wow! your lucky to have a lot of time to travel. Wish I can do that too. Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience with us. I enjoyed reading it.

    Canadian Visa

  15. Great..Great experience...I would love to visit this place.I am enjoyed to reading this post.Thanks for sharing.

  16. It's nice blog to explore more places and encourage people to travel.Thanks for sharing your experience.



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