Sunday, August 14, 2011

Who is the real Tarsier? Part 2

Due to  popular (and unsolicit) demand and funny comments I got from its first post, I am giving this post a second limelight to look back on the wonderful memories I had on my first trip in Bohol. But this time, its the "making" of  "Who is the real Tarsier?" There's an imitation wall of the Tarsier where you can slip you face and hand so that you can have a memorable souvenir picture of imitating the famed primate of Bohol in the Tarsier sanctuary that we toured during our Bohol Countryside tour last March.

I am hesitant at first trying to do the "Tarsier Moment". It was a funny thing to do so I had blopper pictures where I can't get a full concentration of what I am doing on the wall's hole.

Though, I try to concentrate, the sort of fun in doing this made me laugh whenever I slip my face on the wall and do the "Tarsier Moment." At least I only made a small attention to other visitors.

Even my sister tried it as well.  Then, for the last time, I try to mock the Tarsier. I slip my face on the wall's hole, enlarge my eyes as large as possible to imitate the big round eyes of the Tarsier and extend my hand limbs to the fullest so I can have an authentic look of the Tarsier. 

The result is... who is the real Tarsier now?

The tarsiers seemed to agree that I perfectly did the "Tarsier Moment" or else the "evil" Tarsier will get me!

The evil Tarsier! haha...
Don't forget that the main purpose of touring the Tarsier Sanctuary is spreading the awareness and concern about preserving the population of one of the unique primate species endemic in Bohol, which is the endangered Philippine Tarsier. If you have got a chance to visit the santuaries in Bohol, please do make even a small donations for the volunteers and for the sanctuary who are working for the preservation of these cute Tarsiers.

More about my Tarsier encounter here


  1. Haha ang kulit talaga!

    Excited na ko sa Bohol trip namin!

  2. Hehehe ang cute naman! ^__^ Try ko yan pagpunta namin ng Bohol sa February.

    Btw, thanks sa suggestions sa Vietnam trip. Kaso nagtataka ako hindi siya lumabas sa comments. Sa email ko lang siya nabasa. :(

  3. mukhang lasing yung huling tarsier.. hahaha..

    matry nga yan pag punta ko ng bohol sa december.. hehehe

  4. did they let you pay for the photo op? parang may 50 pesos na bayad yun kaya di ko pinatulan (nagkukuripot) hehe..

  5. @Christian: nakakahangover yung Tarsier Moment.

    @Karla: Try mu when you visit... it's all fun.

    @Joan: Thanks for visiting! The last pic what I call the "Evil" Tarsier.

  6. @Ed: wala nung time na yun, free na free ang Tarsier Moment. =)

  7. iba talaga ng charm ng Bohol. Nasa province nila ang pinaka-cute na animal and pinakamagandang-underwater scene. Good trip! Cute ng posing with tarsier mock-up!

  8. @Pinoy Boy: I enjoyed my Tarsier Moment 101% in Bohol. Truly an alluring haven of natural beauty!

  9. cool. i remember the first post you made about this haha. can't wait to go to bohol again this september.

  10. @Lawstude: Wow everyone seems to be going to Bohol. You'll definitely enjoy your trip, take it from me.

  11. @Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler: yes, and I hope with this post I raise awareness about their preservation and ecological importance.

  12. Nakakahinayang umuulan ng malakas nung nagpunta kami ditu (underwater camera na lang ginamit ko pangshoot hehe)

  13. @Christian: Sayang, unpredictable din kasi weather ng Bohol. Nung summer nga na pumunta kami, umulan ng malakas ng tanghali hanggang 6pm kaya hindi ko tuloy nakita ang sunset sa Alona Beach. Ganun din sa Chocolate Hills, maaraw tapos biglang umulan ng malakas na parang bagyo kaya akala ko hindi ko na makikita ang hills tapos umaraw bigla after.


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