Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A hui hou, Hawaii!

It is exactly a year already since my first visit to Hawaii and yet the fresh breeze of its paradise is still in my heart. It timeless charm continues to draws visitors year after year. The beaches are numerous but incomparable enough for an ideal vacation. It is beach overload in Hawaii. The natural sights are endless to explore and to appreciate. From volcano, rock formations, cliff views up to its rich marine wildlife, it is worth to discover. Its history, culture and heritage is unique and interesting. It even played a significant role in World War II. While it also has a city vibe, it has a natural wonders a few meters away. But if you opt for a cultural experience, Hula shows is just a around the corner.  And if it is shopping you are looking for, Hawaii is rich in luxurious shopping malls, boutiques up to the cheapest sale shops and "tiangge" if that's what you call that "haggle-all-you-can" stalls. That's why I tagged Hawaii as a "a real paradise" on Earth. It is an ideal travel destination that offers distinct experiences. It entices and warmly invites everyone to its paradise. A dream destination for every travelers as it has everything  that every travelers are looking for in a destination.

And I am one of those who fall in love with Hawaii. I love the warm people and the perfect tropical weather that has similarity to ours. And the cuisines are likeable too! Not to mention, the endless place to see in the whole state.  Truly, it lives to its timeless charm of a welcoming paradise. It gets you fall in love with it. No wonder, because its famed greeting "Aloha" means love. And in Hawaii, it is Aloha today, tomorrow and always! I love you Hawaii and I miss you... until we meet again... A hui, hou, Hawaii!

Learn more about how hard it is to say goodbye to my Aloha experience, here.


  1. Hawaii seems like a dream. It's great to reminisce once in a while. :)

  2. @Karla: I agree. It just made me miss Hawaii...

    @Christian: This is last year, the same time around...

  3. ganda nman po jan mag travel kaso mahal hehe dapat tlga magsave

  4. @Kathleen: Yup, just save enough, travel really involves spending money but spending on travel is worth it for travel-lover like me... thanks for visiting!

    @Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler: definitely... it is a welcome to paradise!

  5. sosyal hawaii! galing naman may us visa ka pala.ang yaman mo siguro.ako gusto ko europe,sana yayaman ako hehehe

  6. @Virgo: Actually this January lang na-expire and planning to renew it this November. Hindi naman, we have travel benefits kasi eh. I also dreaming of seeing Europe at gusto ko sana Greece or Paris ang first trip ko dun.


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