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Going 7

Going Places turns 3 this year. This blog started as a personal online diary back in 2004. But in September 2008, this blog rebirths into a full pledge travel blog because of my love for travel and writing. Tripbase, an online travel community started this My 7 Links project with a goal to unite bloggers in a joint endeavor to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again. I have been tagged twice to do this project and though this is late already, I think the My 7 Links project and goal should go on to share the best blast from the past of bloggers archive.

Travel is an experience of a lifetime!
This 7 links to the past is a good way to celebrate Going Places 3rd year in the travel blogsphere. A good way to make a recollection of  some of the best blog posts that I made and what this blog has been through in the recent years.  Here is my Going 7 blast from the past...           

1. The most beautiful post I made is Travel is an experience of a lifetime, not because this about the most beautful place that I have been but the most beautiful realization that I had whenever I travel. This is so meaningful to me but I also do believe to every travel blogger as well. This reflection that I had especially during my Bohol trip is so beautiful that I adapt it as my travel blog’s slogan! Don’t you agree with me?    

 2. Alluring Alona  is actually among the most popular post that I made. But I find it the most popular post not only because it has the most number of comments but it also has the most number of travel bloggers and visitors to comment in my last installment of Bohol series. That’s how alluring Alona is!    
Alluring Alona
3. The most controversial post Going Feedback. I made this post during the time when I feel so down about my writing skills.  I got to consecutive article rejections from a publisher and it made me evaluate those stories that I have written.  I am looking where I went wrong but I am surprised by the inspiring and helpful comments of my fellow travel bloggers. This could be not the most controversial one but for me it is.     

4.  The most helpful postGoing Green. Two years ago, Going Places has been strongly campaigning of doing “Green Travel”. It means that as we travel to different places we also do social responsibility of taking care and be concern to the environment of the place that we are visiting and promotes eco-tourism sites of the places. I made this post because I felt I needed to give something back to the community that I believe the most helpful one.  By Green Travel, you just don’t enjoy the places you travel but you also do something good for our planet Earth.    
Every province in the country should practice this like in Pangasinan!
5. A post whose success surprise me is my Vietnam Diary series. I never thought that these posts about Vietnam will trigger me to be a full-time travel blogger. It’s success surprise me because since then it didn’t stop me from writing about travel and places! The Vietnam Diary series is my very first travel post and the birth of Going Places.

My first travel story shared - Vietnam!
6. A post that I feel did not get the attention it deserves is the Hula in Hawaiian Sunset.  Hawaiian sunset is stunning and breathtaking and the Hula is one of the most interesting cultural heritage of Hawaii.  Seeing it all in one full afternoon made one of my most unforgettable day in Hawaii. An so I feel it deserves a second look.   

The beautiful Hawaiian Sunset deserves a second look.

The Hula Girl experience.
7. The post that I am most proud of is Bohol: Allure of Natural Beauty because this trip happened on my birthday and on that day I get to do one of my passion in life – travel! I get to travel for the first time in my birthday. And how proud could it be when you’re doing your one of your passions in life on your special day! And to make it a highly milestone day, I travel via Philippine Airlines who on that day soars to 70 years as Asia’s first airline. Called it a birthday threat, but I am really making “bawi” on my birthday as a year before, I had a “black birthday” becuase I was retrenched  from work. It is also in this trip that I realize that travel is an experience of a lifetime!     
Meeting the Tarsier on my birthday is awesome!
I would like to give my deepest appreciation to Ca de Ramos of Adventurous Feet and Marx of Marxtermind for nominating me to share this 7 links from the past of Going Places. This is a great celebration for my travel blog’s 3rd year anniversary. Thank you so much! Further, to set the chain reaction to continue this 7 links sharing, I am nominating not 5 from the rule but 7  fellow bloggers to also share their 7 links of blast from the past of their travel blogs.          

Here they are...
1. Claire Raborar of Lakwatsera de Primera
2. Oman of Lawstude's Journey
3. Shelyn Siew of Travel and Living Bliss
4. Chyng Reyes of No Spam, No Virus, No Kiddin'!
5. Anton of Pusang-kalye
6. Jerik de Guzman of Pinoy Boy Journal
7. Karla Brazil of As told by Karla     

I hope you enjoy reading!


  1. kahapon ko pa to tinry i view, no page found daw.. now it's finaly up!

    done with my 7links =)

  2. @Chyng: I guess I missed it... anyway I enjoy doing a back read of it.

  3. Thanks for the tag! ^_^ I will do this once I finish the Cambodia series. Dami kasing backlog, hehe. :D Pero this week matapos ko na siguro. :)

    Thanks pala for sharing your posts especially regarding Bohol. I got the piso promo ticket from Airphilexpress for a February flight. I am reading your Bohol posts now to have an idea for the itinerary. :)

  4. @Karla: Feel free to email me, if you have more inquiries regarding Bohol trips... you'll never regret to pick it as your Summer 2012 destination.

  5. congratulations Ian...happy to you..and continue blogging about ur travel and adventure!
    Countryside Trip
    Travel Snapshots

  6. Thanks Ian! :) I haven't started planning yet. Siguro around November or December, hehe. :D

  7. @Redruby: Thanks, I still don't forget your promised Europe trip, hehe...

    @Karla: Goodluck! Some bloggers also have a nice Bohol trip report... you can also pick tips from them as well.

  8. Happy Birthday to your blog, Ian! I can tell not only travel is your passion, writing is your enthusiasm too. You actually sent your articles to publisher, I will never do that, at least not for now. It's an inspiration to me that you have courage and great passion on writing. You write well, Ian. Thanks for nominating me, I gonna find some time to participate on 7 links project.

  9. @Shelyn: Thanks for all the praises and beautiful words! I can't believe that Going Places is 3 years old already and shared a lot of travel stories already...
    I hope you had fun doing the My 7 Links Project and hope to read it soon...

  10. So sorry it's been a roller coaster ride for me the past few weeks, err months. Thanks for sharing the 7 links. I'll try my best to write the post real soon! Thanks again!!! :)

  11. Hi Ian. Here's my 7 links project:

    Thanks again for tagging me. :)

  12. @Pinoy Boy Journal: 'Hope you write it soon but you can take time if you want. It's fun to write My 7 Links Project.

    @Karla: You're welcome... I already read it and I enjoy reading it. Thanks for sharing!


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