Sunday, July 24, 2011

Who is the real Tarsier?

One of the tours included in the countryside tour of Bohol is a visit to a Tarsier Sanctuary. One of its messages is spreading the awareness and concern about preserving the population of one of the unique primate species endemic in Bohol, which is the endangered Philippine Tarsier.  After seeing the cute and cuddly Tarsiers around the visitor's area, there's an imitation wall of the Tarsier where you can slip you face and hand so that you can have a memorable souvenir picture of imitating the famed primate of Bohol. This is was very popular among the visitors of the sanctuary.  And so I try to mock the Tarsier. I slip my face on the wall's hole, enlarge my eyes as large as possible to imitate the big round eyes of the Tarsier and extend my hand limbs to the fullest so I can have an authentic look of the Tarsier. The result is... who is the real Tarsier?

More about my Tarsier encounter here.


  1. those cute little animals...phils. should not preserved only those endangered species like tarsiers but also the nature around and most of all prohibit illegal logging that causes flood in the country...i love pinas!

    have a safe trip always Ian..thanks for the visits..
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  2. Haha! Aliw talaga yang photo na yan!

  3. @Redruby: I am with you in praying that these environ mental awareness and regulation will happened throughout the country.

    @Gay: Lahat nga ng nakakakita nyan natatawa... hindi ko din akalain na ganyan ka-funny kakalabasan nyan.

    @Christian: Syempre, ginagaya ko nga yung Tarsier... haha... =)

  4. ikaw na talaga! mas cute ka pa sa tarsier eh hehehe.

  5. @Ca: hindi naman, hehe... baka nakakata-cute!

    @Chyng: nako lalo na yang species na yan! haha...

  6. haha, kakatuwa. i will be heading to bohol first week of september but i do not know if i can beat you on that shot :)

  7. haha. i will be going to bohol first week of september. i just don't know if i can beat you on that shot. :)

  8. @Lawstude: then its a challenge for you to beat that pic! haha...

    goodluck and have a great trip in Bohol!


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