Monday, June 13, 2011

Going Feedback

I started travel writing in 2008, and since then I continue to strive hard and to improve my writing to be love by any blog reader and visitors. I love writing and I'm passionate about it so I want to continue improving on it. While, I know I commit mistakes, shortcomings and flaws in writing (And I hope not all the time like grammar glitches) but I do believe in room for improvement. Now, since I have decent number followers and readers here, I think this is the good time to listen to my readers. I need your feedback in my travel writing style. 

Was it becoming too tourism brochure-style type of writing like loaded of too much information and background? Was it lacking in English mastery and fuse with grammar errors? Was the content full of metaphors and vocabulary words that are not easily understood? Was the posts becoming a long write-up? Or was it becoming too personal writing like a diary with some unnecessary information and details? These are just some of the questions that I need feedback. Any reaction or comments will definitely be considered and help in my writing improvement.

Here in Going Places, the goal of writing is to share the best travel experiences in each destination I have been. It won't be achieve if travel stories shared here were not effectively absorb to the senses of the readers.  And since I aim for a travel magazine-style and tell-all adventure writing, I hope your feedback will be able to help me spice-up, enhance and improve my travel writing. 

All of your feedback will be appreciated!


  1. Bloghopping from other travel blogs. Follow each otger on Blogger?

    Definitely, Maybe

  2. I like your blog as it is. Your own style of writing define who you are, never mind the grammatical errors (not that I take note of them) because we're proudly Pinoy! And as long as you stick to that style you're comfortable/happy with... your readers will definitely notice the smooth flow in your story telling. That will definitely make us stick around for more :)

  3. @Gay: Thanks I appreciate your comment and I agree, its hard to sacrifice your own style of writing because it defines who you are and as a writer yourself. I'm happy you're satisfied with the way write here. =)

  4. for as long as your happy doing it. :) it's your blog anyway. you've got a very nice blog and i salute you for your dedication :)

    tayo nang maglakbay :)

  5. @Adventurous feet: Thanks a lot! I just want to take my writing to the next level as if publishing a travel article in a travel magazine... I hope to achieve that goal. But anyway, travel in going places won't stop! =)

  6. ..and never copy somebody else's style. being uniq makes your readers revisit your page =)

  7. For grammars and spelling checks, there is always MS Word ehehe =P

  8. @Chyng: That is one thing I won't do.

    @Christian: I also rely on that! Almost 100% of the time... hehe...

  9. keep writing and sharing your travel experiences're doing a great job..wish you more travels..

    from me and my blogs..
    Countryside Trip
    Travel Snapshots

  10. it seems that ur having a pop-up window here....virus??? not to sure..check it out..

  11. As long as you're passionate about your craft and you love what you do, there will always be people who will support and follow you. Striving for constant improvement is a sign that you are serious about it. As long as we're breathing, there is always room for improvement and that applies even to other people who are considered experts in their field. Keep on writing Ian :)

  12. @Redruby: Thanks, there's no virus or pop-ups just the comment section.

    @Claire: Thank you so much for inspiring words... it boosts my self-confidence in writing and continue on improving it. Its not that I don't listen to criticism but I think we don't need to equal the standards of others when we know what good we are capable of as long as we enjoy what we are doing and passionate about.



All comments and reactions are highly appreciated.

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