Monday, May 16, 2011

Pure Shores

One of the beach scenes of Guam that I won't forget is the long stretch of pure shores of Tumon Bay that seems to be endless.  The pure powder white sand beach, cerulean seawater, remote palm trees and blue sky reminds me a lot of the song "Pure Shores" by All Saints and original soundtrack of the film The Beach that stars Leonardo DiCaprio. The lyrics goes... "I've crossed the deserts for miles. Swam water for time. Searching places to find. A piece of something to call mine... I'm moving. I'm coming. Can you hear, what I hear? It's calling you my dear. Out of reach (Take me to my beach). I can hear it, calling you. I'm coming not drowning. Swimming closer to you..." This section of Tumon is named Mata'pang Beach. Named after a Chamorro chieftain of the village of Tumon.  It's shores seem inviting for a play or swim. At most times, especially in the morning it is quiet and not crowded. That's why its easy to relax and stay calmed as if you own the beach all by yourself! Just like in the lyrics of Pure Shores, the shores of Mata'pang Beach seems to call you in its shores... to play, swim, relax...  

More about Guam here.


  1. i wish to come back to Guam soon!

  2. such a beautiful place to relax and yes to go swimming..thanks for the visit!

    Best regards from Europe

  3. Thanks for dropping by... this pic is such a relieve for not traveling for a while.


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