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Bohol Accomodation: Paragayo Resort

Paragayo Resort is just 3 minute walk from Panglao's famed beach of Alona.  And though it is not a beach front hotel and resort, yet, it is one of the most convenient and well-maintained resort in Panglao.   First, it is convenient because it just along the way and not far from the access roads. It also near the souvenirs shops, internet rentals, restaurants, pubs/bars, coffee cafes and budget eateries around Baranggay Tawala. Just two shops beside it, is a convenient and grocery store that does not sell overprice items. The resort is also near the tourist police office. Second, it is well-maintained because I find its environs clean all the time and well-maintained by its staff. The staffs are friendly too and not hesitant to help you if you need inquiries regarding tours around Bohol or Panglao.

Resort's facade.
Relaxing ambiance.
Paragayo Resort is heavily landscaped garden. But the ornamental plants and coconut trees just adds appeal to its tropical ambiance. I love their thatch nipa style lounging area where you can have peaceful and quiet mornings and breakfast.  It is a good place to hang-out while not liking to watch cable television of your room or spending idle time while you're not yet in an itinerary trip.  There's also a hammock in one of the thatches where you can lay and relax under the breeze of summer.  The resort is also wi-fi zoned area and its free! Just asked the resorts' receptionist password for access.  Their wi-fi signal and connection is strong around the resort especially at the thatch nipa lounges so doing shout updates and internet access is not a problem while staying in Paragayo Resort. A bit of problem is the water in the resort (or in the whole Panglao) because its quite salty and seawater. I do hope they improve this water supply amenity.

The rooms in native and tropical theme style.
Standard rooms good for 4 persons.
Rona's Corner Tawala, Panglao, Bohol, 6340
I have learned about Paragayo Resort through the collection of card referrals of mom who has been to Bohol last 2009. This resort/hotel was also recommended by our Bohol tour guide as it also offers good prices for accommodation in Panglao Island. It also offers tour services around the island and easily located around Tawala, Panglao Island. 

About Paragayo Resort
Paragayo Resort is a modern native resort inspired, designed and built by Mark Kilroy along with his Filipino wife Thelma. The resort has 20 Bedrooms and is located right at the heart of Tawala and affords its guests with a 3-minute leisurely walk to the world famous Alona beach. Throughout Paragayo Resort are landscaped gardens that blossom all year round. A stroll through our gardens are a feast for the senses with fragrant palms, trees and cacti. Flowering shrubs and a variety of tropical foliage that makes this retreat a true paradise. Just by walking alone through the resort's breezy corridors and airy verandas is enough to make you feel the holiday ambience .

For more information visit Paragayo Resort's website.
Paragayo Resort, At Rona's Corner Tawala, Panglao, Bohol, 6340
Telephone numbers: (038) 502 4043 or (038) 502 9172
Mobile number: (Smart) 0918 7183316


  1. Though it ain't beach front, lapit lang naman sa Alona. Sounds good to me! Hope I could visit again someday, I'll probably check it out.

  2. @Pinay Travel Junkie: Try it, it is one of the most affordable inns in Panglao that is near Alona Beach. Plus strong wi-fi connection all the time!

  3. never heard of this place. we stayed in Bee Farm kasi tas day trip sa Panglao Island Nature Resort--i guess sa kabilang sid eto no? magnda yang ganyang combination ---modern pero me native touch bagay sa beach theme

  4. It looks like a good alternative from the expensive beachfront accommodation at Alona Beach. How much is the cheapest room here?

  5. Basta affordable at malinis, kahit hindi beachfront, patok sa akin yan. Magkano pala ang pinakamurang room nila dito?

  6. @Pusang-kalye: Nasa Alona Area ito. Brgy Tawala.

    @Claire: 900php standard fan room good for 2.

  7. Cute! Cute! Just like a garden paradise.

  8. it looks a bit different than the last time i was here. looks like they improved their facilities ah. it was good value for money to stay here :)

  9. such a relaxing place..
    thanks for the next destination??dresden in germany next in august and turkey in september..and a lot of small trips...wish more to come!

    Greetings from Europe

  10. I booked a standard fan room here. and nagmahal na sila. 1,200 na per room per night.

  11. We are coming to Paragayo beach on April 9-12, 2012, I am reading so much good from this resort, although some are negative but i will not mind about it. You cannot please everybody. I am so excited for our vacation......

  12. i stayed here before. highly recommended. clean rooms. and they have packages that includes room and tour at reasonable price. just search for their website. very near the beach. and a cheap place to eat is at trudis along alona beach. mostly kasi expensive mga resto dito.

  13. @Bing: marami din akong nabasang good reviews sa paragayo... pero surprise yung pag-stay namin dyan kasi hindi talaga kami dapat iistay dyan nung time na yun. Overall, worthy for a Bohol accommodation sya.

    @Anna: Thanks for a good hotel review of the resort.

  14. Hi, how far is paragayo from the beach? Do i have to pass on so many establishment? Thanks

  15. @Lester: mga 2 blocks if compare to a street. Few establishment to pass by at mga 5-7 minute walk lang sya to Alona Beach.


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