Saturday, April 30, 2011

Summer's sunniest

Summer is the time when days are hotter than the ordinary days. This is the perfect time that we engaged in physical activities like playing new sports or trying new hobbies that will let our time pass by. But undoubtedly, summer is the perfect time to travel.  A good time to see or  discover new places that will enrich our experience and let us have a stress-free environment  that all we can do is relax, relax and relax. Look for that ideal summer destination that awaits you this summer. It could be just the simple province of your relatives or a beautiful beach that you often see in the magazines. Have yourself enjoy those places this summer... After a tiring trip in Tagaytay for a first taste of Summer 2010, we made a stop to rest for a while in a mall. And while waiting for our travel companions, I captured this noticeable bright sunlight of summer sun gleaming from a mango tree that reminds me that its high time for summer!


  1. summer in pinas esp. in march and april are always hot..di ba? i miss eating mango from pinas..thanks for the visit Ian...nice post too.ingat!

  2. summer is indeed the best time to travel. enjoy the season! cheers!

  3. @Euroangel: yup, its hot everyday here this summer!

    @Vin: Thanks for dropping by... Enjoy summer too!

  4. Summer is the peak season for local travelers. This is the best time to travel around the country because you won't be encountering heavy rains or typhoons that may cause delays in your scheduled trip.

  5. @Pinoy Boy: I agree!

    @Antonnette: Thanks for visiting... I miss summer already and can't wait for my next summer destination!


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