Friday, March 11, 2011

Trip na Trip: Ang travel show ng bayan

One of the best travel show or perhaps the best local travel show in local television is ABS-CBN Channel 2's Trip na Trip. The award-winning travel show aims to promote the local tourism of the country and the provinces' tourist sights, accommodation, cuisine, things to do, must-try, must-see, etc. that every traveler needs to know in visiting a destination. This travel show promises a thrilling, exciting and fun-filled series of journeys and adventures in every Philippine destination it covers. Hosted by Katherine de Castro, and former Big Brother Housemates, Jason Gainza, Franzen Fajardo and Kian Kazemi, it is currently airing its 15th season!

Trip na Trip is technically shown every Friday midnight but the show is really aired every Saturday at 1:00am for an hour airing. It is produced by ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs and Bayan Productions, Inc.

Boracay episode

Trip na Trip is known to cover not the just the famed destinations and provinces of the country but also uncover the other provinces of the country that either has a tourism potential or slowly gaining a popularity in the local tourism for promotion and for travelers to further explore that province. This is what I like in this travel show, each of the provinces' wonder is highlighted and out-of-the-track place or provinces is explored. Watching Trip na Trip also makes me learn that there's something worth to see or must-try in other non-fame tourists destination of our country. I also liked the fact that they also show the affordable accommodations in each destination they featured. If the show happened to showcase the same destination in its episode, they try to inject something new and fresh to that province by featuring new things to try, see and stay in that destination. All of their travel tips in each destination and episode are useful!

The travel show has a huge follower especially overseas as ABS-CBN has a global airing network. I think its one of the longest local travel show airing in the local TV whereas its other rival local travel show has already defunct. Trip na Trip started airing in 2006. I can't imagine it has been airing for 5 years already and I still watch it! I am one of its avid-watchers and followers. This is one travel show recommended for travel-lovers, the only best travel show ng bayan, Trip na Trip!!!

Trip na Trip has a Facebook page. Fans may like the page here.
Here are some of the clips of its episodes via You Tube.

Capiz episode

Negros Oriental episode


  1. favorite ko din yan... kaso di ko naabutan palagi kc akong nasa gimik pag friday or nagpe-prepare for a weekend trip! hehehe!!!

    sana magkaroon ng DVD compilation ng mga episodes nila... =D

  2. Tagal ko na rin di nakakapanood nito, madownload nga :)

  3. me too! dati nga na wish ko sana kahit alalay lang ako ng trip na trip para makasama sa mga layas hehe

  4. I have never watched an episode. Night shift kasi ako. =(

  5. musta na? sorry life has been so busy lately..kaya no time to bloghop na..thanks for the visit....aaahh boracay, i wish to visit here in the future.maybe this year pag manalo ako ng!

  6. @Chyng he he oo nga naman! ako naman di ko mapanuod kasi malamang ka-meeting ko si San Miguel! he he

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  8. Guys, watch it, nakapa-enjoyable ng adventures ng mga trippers. I highly recommend to watch this travel show!

    @Ruby: sana nga manalo kana sa lotto, ok naman ako, nagbabalak mamasyal uli pagmarami ng ipon =)


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