Saturday, March 19, 2011

Travel is an experience of a lifetime

Travel let me experience the best of life can offer. I don't only appreciate the places I am visiting or the sights I am seeing but it let me appreciate life at most through discovery of having a positive outlook in life at all times and embracing the different sides of it - good and bad, ups and downs, beauty and ugliness... The happiness, satisfaction and enjoyment I get from this passion is something that money can't buy or equal. And no experience of life can equal the lifetime opportunity to see the beauty of our country or the rest the world through traveling. It is also a good way to learn the realities of life, the cultures that surrounds our community and nation and the rich heritage of our country.

So on my special day last March 15, I celebrate it by doing one of my great passions in life - travel. It was one of the best milestones I did in my life! I never enjoyed life to the fullest by doing it! Destination... Bohol. And its just a day of milestones - it was my first time in Bohol and first time to travel in my birthday. And to add up, I rode Philippine Airlines who is also celebrating its birthday on that day! PAL soars 70 years on that unforgettable day. I had an experience of a lifetime in the tropical haven of natural beauty of Bohol. I'll tell more about this trip on my future posts. I truly enjoy the best of life by doing it with my passion of travel. This is a great way to celebrate life because travel is to have an experience of a lifetime!


  1. I definitely agree that travelling lets you experience the best life can offer. Besides, its great to travel while we are still young so that we would not regret not being able to do certain things when we are older. :)

    Btw, belated happy birthday. I hope you had lots of fun in Bohol. ^_^

  2. That's what I experience in every travel - the best of life. And that's why on my special i day, I did my one great passion and I had the experience of a lifetime!
    Thank you!

  3. woot! will be looking forward to this Bohol series!

    i use PICASSA, instant watermark for my photos. lagi akong nananakawan ng pics ng travel agency websites! kainis! haha

  4. Thanks for all the comments... I'm just wandering what would be a perfect tagline or slogan for Bohol since it doesn't have any slogan unlike other tourism provinces of the country... any suggestions?

  5. "Travel is an experience of a lifetime" - so true Ian!

  6. agree!!!and what I like about travelling is the more exposed you are tod different cultures and the more you meet people the less prejudice you have. keep travelling, keep discovering, keep learning...


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