Thursday, February 24, 2011

Durian Galore

A visit in Davao is not complete without sampling the local and exotic fruits that is very popular in Davao like mangosteen, pomelo (suha) and of course, durian - the king of Davao fruits! It wouldn't be complete to taste the famous of them all - the durian fruit. And just a cautioned, clip your nose to taste its heavenly sweet pulp or you'll smell its hellish odor! Durian is so famous in Davao that it becomes a national or local icon of Davao and become signiture in their desserts like Durian flavored ice cream, candy, cakes and all other sweets. So on our last day there, we bought these fruits for pasalubong at the famed fruit market, Magsasay Fruit Vendor Association market. While my mom selects the best of these fruits, I get this souvenir shot of tumpok ng durian (stack of durian) that is certainly a Durian galore.

More about Davao here.


  1. Though I am not fond of Durian, I like durian candy. :) How much is Durian in Davao? ^_^

    Btw, its funny that there was a hotel in Thailand where I saw a sign that said No Durian pls.

  2. ayaw ko talaga ng Durian. hahaha. Durian candy pwede pa. masarap pero mabaho talaga. e ayaw na ayw ko sa mga stinky food. arte lang. D:

  3. My mom's fave fruit! I'm not a fan of durian... but mangosteen? OMG, I can finish lots!

  4. i'm not a fan of durian too but i like the durian pastillas :)

  5. Daming ayaw sa Durian, ako opposite I like Durian, just the smell is hell.

    @Adventurous feet: Linked your site already.


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