Thursday, February 24, 2011

Durian Galore

A visit in Davao is not complete without sampling the local and exotic fruits that is very popular in Davao like mangosteen, pomelo (suha) and of course, durian - the king of Davao fruits! It wouldn't be complete to taste the famous of them all - the durian fruit. And just a cautioned, clip your nose to taste its heavenly sweet pulp or you'll smell its hellish odor! Durian is so famous in Davao that it becomes a national or local icon of Davao and become signiture in their desserts like Durian flavored ice cream, candy, cakes and all other sweets. So on our last day there, we bought these fruits for pasalubong at the famed fruit market, Magsasay Fruit Vendor Association market. While my mom selects the best of these fruits, I get this souvenir shot of tumpok ng durian (stack of durian) that is certainly a Durian galore.

More about Davao here.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The Beauty of Hawaii

Sunset shots are always one of the best pictures that you can have as a token to remember the place you have visited. And it is definitely a perfect token to remember when visiting a tropical paradise beach like Waikiki. Shots like these can only be captured in shores or coastal beach areas where Hawaii has thousands of those coastal beaches. Previously, I featured the beauty of the Philippines with Boracay sunset on the beach, this time "The beauty of ..." version comes under the picturesque, dramatic and stunning view of Hawaiian sunset under the most popular beach in the world - Waikiki.

It was 5pm when we arrived in Waikiki Beach from Fort deRussy Park. It was just a perfect time to view the sunset. Beach-goers still flocked Waikiki, swimming and strolling around. But most visitors are there to witness the most beautiful phenomenon of the day in Hawaii – sunset. Hawaiian sunset is simply stunning… beautiful… and breathtaking. It was a beautiful glow of yellow, amber and orange perfectly blended to the tropical paradise setting of Waikiki.

I am in awe while watching the stunning sunset by the beach. My eyes did not stop looking until the sun disappears from the ocean. It is one unforgettable sunset viewing I have experienced. Much more experienced in a true paradise on Earth. The following series of shots were the dramatic transition of sunset as it goes through that moment. See how the beauty of Hawaii is shinning through...

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Pinoy Meets World is barely missed

Watching re-aired episodes of Pinoy Meets World via local channel QTV 11's Power Review makes me missed this unique travel show. This is one of the local travel show worth watching as it has been to many interesting countries and features its great places to visit, interesting history and unique cultures. It also accounts some of the lives of Filipinos living in the country it features in the show. Watching each country per episode of its airing makes you long to travel that country and discover its fascinating places and culture. Unfortunately, it wrapped up in January 2009.

I wished GMA 7 would revive this show or a similar travel show like this will grace again our local television as TV shows like Pinoy Meets World through its innovative style of public programming almost takes its viewers in a trip around the world. It will be a sure treat for travel lovers like me! I hope a DVD series episode compilation of this travel show would be release for much appreciation and see episodes I miss to watch. Pinoy Meets World is 2008 PMPC's Best Travel Show.

Here are some of the few clips from You Tube in their Romania and Turkey episode originally aired in 2006. More clips of their various episodes can be watch via You Tube.

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