Friday, April 23, 2010

Discover summer in Batangas

My second short summer hop lead me to Matabungkay, Lian, Batangas last March 27 to 28. It was my first time to visit Batangas. The quick summer escapade was made possible through an invitation of my friend to her beach wedding that will be held in a resort at Matabungkay, Batangas. I am with my friends in this trip who are part of my friend's wedding entourage. I was invited as a special guest but I find this opportunity to have a quick summer escapade again.

Horizon of the sky after sunset.
We leave Cavite on a shuttle at 2pm for a long road trip to Batangas. It was a 4 hour trip on the road. We had stops so I think 2 hours and 30 minutes is exact travel time from Cavite to Matabungkay. The trip is long. We passed Dasmarinas, Silang, Tagaytay then on to Batangas. There many scenic routes in Tagaytay to Batangas road. I saw Taal Volcano again. I saw mountains, sugar cane farms and the rural life in the southern provinces of the country. After that long trip we arrived at 6pm in Matabungkay Beach Resort and Hotel.

We were escorted by the resort staff to the beach front cabana reserved for us by my friend. I was suprised by the accommodation reserve for us. The cabana has terrace beach front facing the beach! I could not resist the last horizon of sunset in the beach at that time so I took a shot pic. We were happy as we felt special for the beautiful cabana reserve for us. We really felt the feeling of a "bakasyonista". Of course, we rest for a while after unpacking our clothes because of the long trip but after that we immediately stroll in the beach. It was dark already but the stretch of the gray-white beach is lit by the lamp posts that lines the beach.
Later we met my friend and her family. Then we had a dinner with them. We share stories of course, especially about the preparation of the wedding that will be held at the following day. Then we celebrate the last day of her single life at Wave Music Lounge of the resort that evening. It is the resorts' bar where you can drink and sing on the video karaoke available at the lounge. I try their Margarita that night.

A warm welcome from the resort.
Shadows and sands.
Beach stroll time.
The following day, me and my friends had an early morning stroll at the beach. It is constantly low tide in Matabungkay Beach so it is quite easy to swim around. I also noticed that the beach is teeming with marine life like brittle stars, sea grasses and starfishes that you can easily see in its low tide waters. A local offered us an island hopping trip plus a visit to a beach where we can swim for 400 pesos. We like to go but we had no time as the wedding preparation approaches. I suggested that we just stay and relax in one of the floating "balsa" or bamboo raft in the low tide sea.

The raft made of bamboo has a nipa hut style roof that covers us from the sun's heat. In the middle of the large raft it has a table and bench made of bamboo as well. I think it can accommodate at least fifteen (15) people. It is a good option take a lunch or snack there with your family or friends as it has a spectacular view of the sea, sky, hills, beach and green mountains of Matabungkay. Of course, we did not miss the chance to take photos inside the balsa. One of my friend, picked a starfish from the sea grasses. We were so delighted to this live marine animal and we took photos with the starfish too! Later we enjoy the beautiful views of the sea in balsa before plunging to the resort's large pool.

My Summer 2010 kicks-off!
Express your summer mood.
By noon, we rest for the beach wedding which will start at 5pm. But my friends who are bridesmaids for the entourage are preparing by 3pm. The motif color is red - whom my friends' favorite color. The motif flower is red rose which is in every table bouquet of the reception. The ceremony and reception area are lighted by tall fire torches embedded in the beach sand. Food is 5-spoon. I like the veggy salad appetizer, salmon main course along with calderetang Batangas and Cordon Bleu with a tasty sauce that I can't recall. It was a wonderful and emotional event. It is memorable. The wedding ended with cake serving with red wine while listening to bossa nova sounds played by the live band. The same evening we departed Matabungkay at 11 in the evening home bound to Cavite. I arrived 2am in my hometown.

The view in front of our beach-front cabana.
Matabungkay Beach.
A beautiful sunset during the beach wedding...
It was a another great summer trip. I had a relaxing weekend. On a next trip, I hope to visit other famous beaches in Batangas like Anilao, San Juan, Calatagan or Punta Fuego. But I am contented if I'll have an opportunity again to visit Matabungkay. I enjoy discovering Batangas as a summer destination. I'll definitely comeback to explore its other beaches.
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