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The Imperial Gardens of Beijing

Imperial gardens are common places of interests when visiting Beijing. These imperial gardens are mostly within the grounds or near the pal...


I called this fluidity because there is so much sereness and calmness in this picture. If you look at this picture of ocean you can feel a smooth and an ease feeling. The beautiful blending shades of blue adds not just a tranquil feeling but invites one to escape to a place where there it is stress-free and relaxing like beaches. I capture this while on a road trip from Caticlan to Kalibo where there are many ocean scenic views like this one that soothes mind on a long journey.

Feets in Sarong

On our last night at Puerto Galera, my friends got an idea to capture a picture of our feets encircle around while seating in a sarong we use to sit like sand picnic at White Beach. The result is one of the best memories of summer. The nightlife in Puerto Galera is lively and merry joined by festive musics and party people that won't dull your "Galera" nights at the beach. It is advisable to have a taste of their famous Mindoro Sling to complete your night life happy hour at Puerto Galera.

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