Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The girl in Ao Dai

Our last hours in Ho Chi Mihn City is spend on finding a Vietnamese girl in Ao Dai. When we passed through a restaurant along Le Loi street, we saw an attendant girl wearing a beautiful blue Ao Dai. We insist to have a photo with her and she gladly participated. The result is one great souvenir catch of a girl in Ao Dai, when we visited the "hidden charm" country of Vietnam in 2006. I made sure to have a souvenir photo with a girl in Ao Dai because they are fascinating and something that is distinct that can only be found in Vietnam. Ao Dai is a traditional and formal dress worn in Vietnam by both men and women but a woman in Ao Dai defines more about its symbol of grace, elegance and Vietnamese femininity. Like Japan's kimonos, Ao Dais color and design denotes the female wearer's status but since recent times fashion designers and artist creates more elaborate, elegant and colorful designs that suits the choice of the wearer. Since day one of my visit in Ho Chi Minh City, I already notice those Vietnamese women wearing beautiful Ao Dais and flocking every street corner of the city. You may see a woman wearing Ao Dai suddenly passed across you while walking down the streets or riding a bicycle or a scooter while strolling around Saigon. I am intrigued, fascinated and even tried to chase them. In the end, this one came a perfect souvenir of a Vietnamese girl in Ao Dai.

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  1. i also have a pic with a girl in Ao Dai. ao dai pala tawag dun. you know where i got t he pic? puerto princesa, vietville. haha! funny. and btw, vietnam is a nice place. i love both saigon and hanoi

  2. I love HCM too but I have never been to HAN. Yeah, I heard that there is a Vietnamese community in Palawan and a village that is a tourist attraction.

    Vietnam is a real hidden charm. It is starting making waves in the tourism industry. A beautiful and charming country I have visited.


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