Thursday, February 25, 2010

Summer 2010 starts at Tagaytay

February is the usual start of summer for me. The heat is on, days are warm and the sun is scorching hot! Its a perfect signal to travel again. It is usually taking a dip on a beach or go someplace farther to feel the air of summer. But this time I had a different trip. First, it was short, then it is not the usual dipping on a beach and lastly it is just within my province - Cavite. My Summer 2010 started last week on a quick hop to the highlands of Tagaytay. It was whole day trip that coincide with my lola's 87th birthday. And with us to celebrate this occasion are my cousins, relatives and my brother.

We travel in the morning to enjoy a morning of view of Tagaytay along with its famous and its highly-prided scenery of Taal Lake and Volcano at Taal Vista Lodge viewdeck. We had a lunch at RSM Restaurant where we were serenaded by the staff plus it has a perfectly placed terrace deck to view Taal Lake.

Taal Vista Lodge.
The charm of Tagaytay.
Tagaytay is a premier tourist destianation in our province of Cavite. It boast numerous hotels and tourist amenities like restaurants, parks, cafes, scenic views and sports activities like zipline. Robinson Malls has just been recently built and SM Mall is soon on the rise. Tagaytay is a popular summer destination because it has mild and cool climate due to its high altitute. Its proximity to Manila makes it a easily acessible for a quick vacation from the metropolis. But the vantage point of Tagaytay is the pictureque view of Taal Lake and Volcano. The small volcano is located within the lake and sometimes its wide crater is filled with water that's why it is dubbed "a lake within a lake"

Family bonding time at RSM Restaurant.

What I like in Tagaytay is that many of its restaurants and cafes like Leslie's, Josephine, Startbucks and Yellow Cab had a spectacular cliff view where you can see the charming Taal lake and volcano. It lined like a strip of mushrooms on the side of cliff ridge where you will really had a beautiful view of Taal. The places espacially the restaurants are perfect for family bonding, sharing stories with friends and for a romantic date. Aside from overlooking view of Taal Volcano and lake, you can also do side trips to Palace in the Sky, Hiking to the volcano's crater or visit Tagaytay Zip Line and cable car for a whole new experience.

Taal Volcano and Taal Lake.
Summer's sunniest!
This is not my first time to visit Tagaytay but what makes me return to this place is definitely the charm of nature of Taal Lake view accompanied by its cool weather. My summer has just started. The days are warm and nights are cool. And Tagaytay is a good place to start. The air of summer evokes a relaxing mood. The heat is calling you to go to someplace away from the life you usually live everyday. I can't wait for the places I will be roaming to for the rest of this summer.


  1. i miss visiting tagaytay during my trip to manila last time again! another philippine blog will one soon!

  2. you seems to have a lot of fun their ian! thanks for sharing this nice pix from tagaytay!

  3. I'll be waiting for that and thanks for the comments... 'hope to see you when you come back to Manila again.

  4. is it cold in tagaytay last week?

  5. @jasper: not much mainit init pa din... you can really feel the heat of summer there.

  6. ah really mainit pa din.. kala ko pa naman..

  7. yup especially at this time.. it is better to visit it in late afternoon to evening.

  8. nice one ian :) you make me proud! visited your site just now and I ♥ it..

  9. Thanks for dropping by, Kath!

  10. share more travel pix and I would be happy to see! have a great week ahead!

  11. nice photos. I always love to got to Tagaytay when I have time as I love the weather and it is so peaceful out there. I always book my hotel in Tagaytay through PHRS. If you might want to check their list of hotels in Tagaytay, try to visit their site:


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