Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The Beauty of Hawaii

Sunset shots are always one of the best pictures that you can have as a token to remember the place you have visited. And it is definitely a perfect token to remember when visiting a tropical paradise beach like Waikiki. Shots like these can only be captured in shores or coastal beach areas where Hawaii has thousands of those coastal beaches. Previously, I featured the beauty of the Philippines with Boracay sunset on the beach, this time "The beauty of ..." version comes under the picturesque, dramatic and stunning view of Hawaiian sunset under the most popular beach in the world - Waikiki.

It was 5pm when we arrived in Waikiki Beach from Fort deRussy Park. It was just a perfect time to view the sunset. Beach-goers still flocked Waikiki, swimming and strolling around. But most visitors are there to witness the most beautiful phenomenon of the day in Hawaii – sunset. Hawaiian sunset is simply stunning… beautiful… and breathtaking. It was a beautiful glow of yellow, amber and orange perfectly blended to the tropical paradise setting of Waikiki.

I am in awe while watching the stunning sunset by the beach. My eyes did not stop looking until the sun disappears from the ocean. It is one unforgettable sunset viewing I have experienced. Much more experienced in a true paradise on Earth. The following series of shots were the dramatic transition of sunset as it goes through that moment. See how the beauty of Hawaii is shinning through...


  1. when paradise and sunset collide = awesome experience :)

  2. I wonder how the temperature is in Hawaii during this time of the year? is it warm enough to take a dip ang the beautiful beaches of Hawaii?

  3. I feel you, the serenity of the beach + the sunset is a good time to reflect what have you made appreciate the simple life.

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  5. @Pusang-kalye: all-time tropical weather ang Hawaii kaya expect it to be summer all year round pero sometimes may kalat-kalat na pag-uulan.

    @Ching & Lakwatsera: one of the best phenomenon of nature that I'll never forget and experience in a true paradise on Earth. Sunsets are all-time beautiful views of nature.

  6. I agree, sunset shots are always one of the best pictures that we can have as a token to remember the place we have visited.

    Just followed your blog Ian. Cheers!

  7. wow Hawaii! Aloha!!! Amazing sunset! galing!

  8. @Dylan: Thanks. Welcome to my travel blog! Enjoy reading!

    @Pinoy Boy: That was an awesome experience of a lifetime.


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