Saturday, July 18, 2009

360 Degrees of Guam

Since I just finish posting my two-part story trip in my first travel to USA, let's reminisce my latest travel to USA through the short video captures I got during my latest visit. But this time, in my first travel outside the mainland USA - in Guam last November 27-30, 2008. In these videos I captured 360 degree views of 3 distinct places of interest in Guam - Tumon Bay/Mata'pang Beach, Underwater World Guam and Two Lover's Point.

Mata'pang Beach and Tumon Bay

Underwater World Guam

Two Lover's Point

Discover more about my trip in Guam by visiting my blog entry here.


  1. nice to see you again posting bro! it's been a while

  2. Awesome video coverage! When do you head back for more? I suggest to visit Lost Pond the next time you go to Guam.

  3. @jasper - yeah, pc is broke for a while... i want to buy laptop soon. Thanks for a visit.

    @Edel - where's Lost Pond?

  4. A nice of seeing America from India

    looks like you travel often and you must going places which we might not have.



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