Monday, April 06, 2009

Summer 2009

I early predicted a vague summer to happen as an escapade is impossible due to various situation I'm in right now like I'm in job-transition, bankrupt finances to travel and my job training is one the way. Now, I truly believe in the saying - if there's a will, there's a way... And with that a summer escapade is bound to happen! Destination is... Davao! Though, it was a short trip last April 3, I made sure I had maximized my first time visit to Mindanao. Last year, I'm also in the feeling of not seeing a travel trip to happen. I never expect it to happen. More so, I never expect to have 3 travel trip in a year! First in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, then Boracay... all first time. I thought domestic travel were enough for that time but later in November, I had the opportunity to travel to Guam (my first international travel since 2006!). No one can really tell what the future holds for us. Unexpected things happens.

Davao is such a nice place. People are friendly and the places are clean and safe. I'll tell you my 2-day trip exploration there in my later post. But for the meantime let's go back to my upcoming retrotravel post featuring Iloilo - my first local travel in the Philippines.


  1. have a safe and sound travel always..more of my travel here..

    will correct ur url now..ingatz!

  2. i might be going to davao soon and would like to hear your suggestions :)

  3. I'll post my adventures in Davao after my retrotravel post to Iloilo...

    But just in case, Davao is better to explore by its public transpo, taxis are quite pricey. Don't worry about directions of the place as Dabawenyos are extremely helpful... but be ready to understand a bit of Bisaya as they response in local dialect even you talk to them in Tagalog. So many places to visit... i recommend Samal Island, Malagos Garden Resort and Phil.Eagle Reserve.

  4. thanks for the suggestion! i'll try to look at these places. how does one go to samal island?


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