Thursday, April 09, 2009

Pinoy Meets World

One of my favorite travel shows - Pinoy Meets World will have a special airing on local channel GMA 7 for a special 2 day presentation for the Holy Week. It will be shown starting tomorrow for Thursday and Friday at late night 11:00pm slot. Pinoy Meets World is a travel show previously aired every Sunday late night that presents the adventures to sights and attractions and cultural explorations of hosts in various countries they visited. It started airing in 2006 via local channel GMA 7. Currently, it is defunct with the last episode shown last January.

My favorite episodes were their travels to Chile, Peru, Mauritius, Puerto Rico and various Carribean Islands episode while on a cruise ship. Below is a You Tube video sample of their Mauritius episode. Last year it was awarded by PMPC Star Awards for Television the Best Travel Show Award for 2008.

Watch also their another You Tube clip in their United Kingdom episode featuring England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. I recommend this show to watch for those who love travel trips like me. You'll definitely enjoy each episode of the show. I just wish that GMA will release a VCD/DVD episode compilation of the show so I can enjoy watching it over again.


  1. i've always wanted to watch this show but never had a chance to. thanks for sharing the schedule!

  2. Update: Thursday will feature Peru episode and on Friday, their Czech Republic and Poland episode. There is no Saturday presentation.


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