Monday, February 09, 2009


In my next travel trip postings, it will be labeled as "RetroTravels" - those are my past travel adventures that I have swingaround dating back in 1992 where my first travel trip experience was in Sydney, Australia. From there, I will share my succeding travel trips that I have gone places with and it will conclude to my latest outbound travel in 2006 in Seoul, Korea. I hope you enjoy reading my last year's travel hopping in Puerto Galera, Boracay and Guam. I also look forward to experience more travel adventure so I can share it here. I also look forward of hearing comments from you.

Have a super day!


  1. Shop til you drop. That's what every singaporean girl will say. To select my choices, I sometimes visit for new shopping destination ideas.

  2. you also like adventure yah ......
    Can we come ....

  3. keep travelling and see the beauty of the world...have a safe trip..
    will add you now in my simply the best blog...

    let me know if you can also add my other sites..

    let me know when your done adding and I will surely add you.
    PLS. UNDER THE NAME BLOG TITLE much better..thanks so much! Euroangel Graffiti WWW Addict Daily Nourishment Euro Travel Germany Discover USA Blog Connections

    miss ko na talaga ang pinas!!! happy trip!!

  4. thanks for the comments! I hope you kepp coming back... enjoy reading!


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