Sunday, February 01, 2009

Going Green

I want to start the year of "Going Places" to promote "Going Green." I have been recently becoming aware about the preservation of our environment. And I believe that I won't enjoy the places I have traveled if it is not cared for its preservation. I want to campaign for "Going Green" because I would like all of us to be aware of our environment, how can we bring changes to it and how we will preserve it in our small ways. The beautiful tourist places we have in the country will benefit the most if we start "going green" today. Maybe you have probably heard of climate change and global warming that becomes an environmental turmoil lately but we are mostly affected by pollution. And so the community we live in.

By going green means doing positive changes to our enviroment and to our community in our own ways. Let's start practicing "going green" by doing these simple 5 things...

1.) Keep your trash! Whenever a place you go, keep your small trashes like candy wrappers or tissue to your pockets until you find a trash can where you can dispose it.

2.) Let's recycle! Newspapers and old papers sheets can be use again, find ways or sell it junk shop.

3.) Walk! If the the place your going to is just near a corner, just walk instead riding vehicles that emits harmful gases. You already work your muscles! You also do contribute to a clean environment.

4.) Save! Close water faucet if not needed, doing so will conserve water. Switch off light if not needed to save energy.

5.) Pay it forward! Be a model by showing this simple practice to kids and/or teach about these green tips to your friends.

The basic 3 Rs are easy to do!
Of course, there are a hundred more simple ways than these I have mentioned. But I think these basic 5 are easily attainable. Those are small and personal ways to go green in preserving our environment. Those maybe small steps but from here you can make a big impact. See, going green is easy. And it is benificial to all of us. It is not too late to save our environment. So let's act now! Just don't think green. Go green!


  1. curious ako sa job mo...hehehe...ano kaya yun...nice post her anyway..salamat sa pag-share..

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  2. i am working in the travel industry...
    thanks for the site and let's practice going green.

  3. Amen! Reduce Reuse Recycle! 3 that's the magic number! Even Jack johnson said it :) It's definitely more fun in the Philippines

  4. @Makati Condo Rental: 'Hope you join and spread the campaign of Going Green. Thanks for visiting!


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