Sunday, February 15, 2009



You took me away
You swept me to go in the ocean
To swim in the sea of love and play
Now, I step in the shore of this ocean again,

I feel the slow caress of water
It momentarily eases the agony of feelings in me
The coldness from my submerge body starts to cover
But the coldness of water jolt along with pain I'm living now,

The pain is burdening my heart,
It is heavier than what I carry on my shoulders
Endlessly, it tore my heart apart
How bad it hurts inside of me?

How much pain can love cost?
It torments my feelings in almost eternal torture
Pain succumb my consciousness in lost,
It is nibbling my heart into pieces of shattered glass

The pain that I'm feeling now is because of you,
You broke me into pieces
I am now a shattered puzzle because of you
Now, I cannot find myself anymore,

I heard a sad love song from beyond
It only makes me sadder much
I'm getting deeper in despond
No one can save me now

The currents of water glides my arms
To float in this sea of sorrow
I become fool because of your charms
Now your love cause my sulled anguish

I looked above the gloomy sky
All I see were melancholic clouds,
When will sun shine in my sky?
When I am all depress because of your love

Flipping my feet to float against the waters, I'm dejected,
My world is now morose
I'm disheartened with this heartache's thread,
I never thought drowning in this pain,

I'm becoming numb for the pain has totally destroyed me
I'm tired of living this pain
And so I submit to eternal lost of foresee
I am forever drifting in this currents of water.
This my special Valentine entry. Now don't get me wrong that I am becoming bitter because I posted a sad love poem for this special day for lovers. It is not that I don't have happy lovelife but I want to deviate from the usual happy love poems that is mostly read. It is a milestone in my poem writing history as this is not just an ordinary poem but my first sad love poem written. I usually write happy love poems (see my previous posts) but this time I try to explore writing the other subject of love poems. I wrote it last July 26, 2006 and it is about how painful is to be heart broken that can lead you drowning in pain.

Well, I hope you like it and let me hear comments from you. Happy Heart's Day!


  1. thanks for;s still a beautiful poem despite being sad...happy to know that your happy too...have a great weekend!

  2. happy to be in Las Vegas....I got a great experience there last year...can't wait to go back again next time..
    Discover USA

  3. done adding you in my euro travel blog..thanks for the add!!


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