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Guam: Where America's day begins.

Hafa adai! Welcome to Guam!
This is one unforgetable Chamorro greeting that I will not forget the moment I stepped out from the jetway to Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport of Guam.

3 hours and 45 minutes from the shores of the Philippines is the island of Guam - Where America's day begins! Last Thanksgiving Day, November, I  had the opportunity to travel to Guam, USA. It is a good place when one wants to escape in a tropical ambiance but with American high life. Honestly, I do not like the departure and arrival schedule to Guam via Philippine Airlines. Leaving Manila at 10:10pm is a red eye flight. Arrival time in Guam at 3:40am. It was still dark in Guam when we arrive so I don't see much of the area around outside the airport. The "Hafa Adai" Chammoro greeting is the one that I won't forget. Chamorro is the native language of Guam and name called to its inhabitants. You can see the greeting immediately onthemain arrival halls of the airport accented with red hibiscus flowers symbolyzing that you already arrive in a tropical paradise.
Hafa Adai!
Guam's Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport.
I am also quite pissed off with the immigration authorities in the airport. It really took a lot of our time before they grant us a stay after anwering their. In short, they are stricter than US mainland immigrations of Los Angeles and San Francisco. I am pissed because where theonly passengers left on the immigration area as others were already in the baggage carousels. But good thing we were not sent to interrogation room becuase one passenger before us was sent there.

After we get our baggages at the carousels, we exited to the arrival hall. I saw a huge banner with bold letter on it saying "We support our troops" pertaining to the US military bases in the island. Then, we meet and we were welcome by my mom's family friend, Kuya Toni and his wife Ate Cecille who are Guam residents. We will stay at their house for the next 4 days. It was still dark in Guam when we wentoutside the airport. It think its 4am. It was just 7 minutes away from the airport and we were already in Dededo, where they are residing. It was so near the airport. Even though it is dark I can see the surroundings filled with small bushes and trees that makes me wonder why Guam seems like a province. When we arrive, I had my first taste of breakfast in Guam (wheat breat with white cheese and American coffee which I really like). After that I sleep fast as I am so sleepy because I have not sleep during the entire flight!

Supporting their troops message at the airport.
It says it all...
It's Thanksgiving Day! I think I just slept 4 hours when it was 6 in the morning, we were invited by Ate Cecile to check K-Mart - a wholesale shopping mall. There is a big day sale because it is Thanksgiving holiday - a holiday celebrated in the US. And since Guam is a US territory with American traditions and culture,

Thanksgiving is part of their celebrated holidays. Other malls are also on sale until Saturday of that week because of this holiday. Early bird shoppers were already at K-Mart. Most of them bought plasma flat-screen TVs. It was only here that I realize that mostof the residents of Guam are Filipinos. They flocked K-Mart and even its staffs some are Filipinos. So expect a warm atmosphere when you visit the island. But majority are still the Charmorro - the natives of Guam. But Pinoys are everywhere that makes Guam a "little Philippines." In the afternoon, we met the other two siblings of my mom's friend who are also her teenager friends before.

By early evening we celebrated the Thanksgiving Day with other Filipino communities and mostly are just neighbhors. It was like a big reunion. I am expecting a plate of American style of roasted turkey as the main course meal but I am more satisfied to have a home-style buffet feast of pancit, empanada, rice cakes, sinigang and roasted chicken and pork menu all in Filipino style.It was a good opportunity to exchange stories with Filipinos abroad and what is the status of their lives on Guam, One of the interested conversations I won't forget is that although Guam is plagued by pinoys, Christmas is still best celebrated in our country. According to them. simple celebration were held during the holidays so its still quite sad to spend Christmas in Guam. There no place like home when its Christmas, I thought.

Thanksgiving in Guam with the Filipino community.
After the Thanksgiving feast. we were toured to Tumon district. It was a good city tour at night. All lights are lit up in the place. Tumon is one of the main tourist place in Guam. It is a stip where high class hotels, restaurants, bars and malls like Duty free shops are located. DFS Galleria Guam offers bargain of tax-free luxury goods from famous brands of Bvgalri, Cartier, Channel, Dior, Fendi, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Prada among others. Most of the luxury hotels of Guam are chained along thestreet of Tumon like Hilton Guam, Pacific Island Club, Guam Marriot Resort, Hyatt Regency and Hotel Nikko Guam among others. With these variety of hotels and shopping malls, tourists definitely have a wide variety of options to choose from aside from numerous places and sights to see in Tumon area.

On the third day, we visited one of the famed white sand beaches of Guam - Mata'pang Beach. It is part of Tumon Bay and located in the opposite side of the strip where all beach-front hotels are dotting like chains on Tumon Bay. Guam is famous for its white sand beaches, so its a must experience in your itinerary when visiting Guam. A perfect time to visit the beach is in the morning so we were fetched there together with Kuya Tony, Ate Cecil and their daugther Cean. Mata'pang Beach is beside Holiday Resort Guam and accessible to the public. It isa white sand beach at its finest. I was not crowdy in the during our visit which I like. Plus its long stretch of white sand beach has secluded places to stay upon. You can feel a private beach of your own when you are in a secluded spot in Mata'pang. You can freely meditate in the shore or you can just appreciate the nature around. You can also swim without worrying about your items as crime rate is low in the island. I did not waste time, I swam in to its clear blue waters and savor the relaxing feeling of being one with the ocean.

Enjoying Mata'pang Beach.
Sky Bliss.
The pure shores of Mata'pang Beach.
I certain do!
You can have a great view of Tumon Bay from Mata'pang Beach as it is the center of the bay. You can see the hig-rise hotels alingning on the bay shores of Tumon bay. Noticeable hotels are Guam Marriot Hotel on the left and Hotel Nikko Guam on the right while facing the shore. Towards the beach, a few more miles from the sea is already the Philippine Sea. This is how near Guam is to the Philippines. There were also condominiums line-up near the shores of the beach. I wonder how pricey it would be to live in those condominiums.

Swim, swim, swim...
Life at Guam's beach. See the rainbow?
Beach lovers will definite love the clear blue waters of the beach. Others will fall in love in sunbathing while others do a morning jog either with companion or alone. Others tries to walk around while appreciating the natural beauty of the beach and the sea. On the left of Mata'pang Beach, I noticed a Japanese couple taking a photoshoot from their recently concluded wedding ceremony. They were taking souvenir photos by the beach whilst in their wedding attire. But their wedding planner is a Filipina. There were also a couple of Japanese beach bums walking around the shore. I would say Guam is "little Japan" beacuase of majority of the tourist in Guam are Japanese. So you would not be surprise if you see amenities especially cater to the Japs like Japanese restaurants and even a Guam map in Nipponggo version.

In the afternoon, Kuya Eddie toured as to one of the most famous tourist destination Guam - Two Lover's Point. Located in the end of north of Tumon Bay, Two Lover's Point (Puntan Dos Amanted in Chamorro) is wide park on with landmarks that includes a spectacular cliff view of the whole Guam. And as their tagline promises... a view of Guam that you will never forget, it is truly a view of Guam that I will never forget. There is a seperate entrance to the viewing deck for USD3.00. From the entrance you will ascend on stairs to see the cliff viewing deck with 2 levels to see. On the second level you can see a better view of Guam. From the cliff deck you can see the whole view of Tumon Bay dotted by its hotels and beaches. You can also see the airport sitting on a top of a platten hill. You can see a splendid view of Hagatña (Agana), the capital of Guam from the viewing deck too. If you are not satisfied, you can take a look from a telescope for a penny. Looking down from the cliff you can already see coral rocks on the cerulean waters. Looking up ahead, I appreciate the vast space of blue ocean that a few more miles is already the Philippine Sea.

Two Lover's Point viewing deck.
The view says it all.
The viewing deck of Two Lover's Point.
A view of coral seabeds below the viewing deck cliff.
Before exiting the viewing deck, you can also see the historic murals pertaining to the story of the cliff. Legend holds that a pair of star-crossed lovers whose parents would not allow them to marry beacause of arranged marriage tied their hair together and jumped to their deaths from this 378-foot cliff. Since that day, the Chamorros look to the jutting peak by Tumon Bay with a kind of reverence. They are paying respect to the young couple who showed them that real love comes from the entwining of two souls, true to one another in life and in death. And, forever after, the high point on the cliff has been known as "Two Lovers Point."

Aside from the viewing deck, you can also explore the park around. Japanese couples favors to have theirwedding arrang in the park. This is because not only the romantic story behind the cliff but the park itself is a romantic place. Actually, a wedding ceremony just concluded when we arrived there. The Japanese couple favored the place so much that they even have stone murals with their names engrave on a metal plate and their matrimonial date at the Two Lover's Point. The parks' administration intentionally invites couples to have their weddings held at Two Lover's Point. This strongly proves that the place is truly for lovers. There is also a mini bridge around where you can view a huge cave hole. I heard a Japanese tour guide explains its existence but I don't understand Nipponggo. There are also benches around the park where you can sit and relax while admiring the natural wonders around filled with garden trees and ornamental plants. There is also a small museum in the park where you can check and see historical artifacts about Guam. A souvenir shop is also inside the museum to buy Guam momentos. There is a guestbook at the exit of the museum where visitors can sign a proof that they had visited the place. As I browse its pages, I am not suprise that most of the guests were Japanese. There is a Pinoy sign from Laguna and we were the second from the Philippines to sign! What a feat
Murals at the viewing area of Two Lover's Point.
Commemorative wedding plates around the park.
Things to see in the museum of Two Lover's Point.
Then we headed to Micronesia Mall - the largest mall in Guam. According to them it is owned by Lucio Tan, (he is also a honorary citizen in Guam) that could also be the reason why PAL's office is housed on a huge building beside the mall. Micronesia Mall houses the famous US chain shop of Macy's and ABC stores - where there are good prices of souvenirs items. It was still sale on the stores because of Thanksgiving. Local brand Bench has a boutique space there too. There are also other boutique shops for shoppers to choose from. One of the main attraction of Micronesia Mall is the center hall adorned with a tall Christmas tree symbolyzing the start of the holiday season. It is surrounded by a train ride for kids with benches around. The main ceiling above is famous for its adornment of flags of all countries of the world which is also brightly illuminated by the natural light coming from the glass panel windows near the ceilings.

United Nations inside Micronesia Mall.
Other attractions inside the mall are Funtastic Park - an indoor amusement center with man-made falls as part of its attractions, Fiesta Food Court - with twenty eateries and food outlets to choose from, and MIMO - (Micronesia Identified Moving Objects), a.k.a. Pelota Pagoda sculpture by George Rhoads located in the center court. Plus hundreds of shops catered specially to Guam visitor shopaholics!

Then we were treated at Winchells! It is a donut shop with a unique sweet tasty donuts you will like. I love it! And I miss it already. I especially like the chocolate round which are larger than donuts of Go Nuts and Country Style. They also had twist donuts, cake donut, croissants, cinnamon rolls, house blend coffees and cappuccinos. A box of 12 big donuts cost USD6.00. Then we visited Kuya Eddie's residence and fetched his sons - -- and Joshua . Then we fetched his wife, Ate Zeny at Guam Marriot Hotel where she works. Then we headed to GPO (Guam Premier Outlet) in Tamuning. It houses numerous shops and boutiques too but the famous is Ross Dress for Less which offers "fashion for less" wardrobes. GPO is one of the premier shopping attraction Guam. We look on shoes, clothes and shoes again and again. With all these numerous shop and mall establishment, this is a real proof that Guam is shopping heaven for shopaholics.

I enjoyed a warm buffet dinner at Corridos 848 that we dine after shopping at GPO. Foods served are various American and Japanese dishes in an eat-all-you-can buffet style. We met Ms. Cora, Filipina staff who surprisingly resides in our hometown too. Kuya Eddie and Ate Zeny knew her too because she's a family friend and godmother to one of their sons. Actually there are toher Pinoy staffs at the restaurant. But there are also Japanese staffs but it is Korean owned. Of course, when you see Filipinos, it is a start of never-ending exchange of stories and conversation. They are all excited (I mean - sabik) whenever they see new Pinoys visiting their community. It feels again much like home. I am just wondering by fellow Pinoys are always surprised when we tell them that we were their for tourist purposes. Pinoy tourists could be seldom in their eyes as most visitors here in Guam are either Guam residents or overseas workers. Guam is a beautiful place to visit and offers numerous places of interests so it would not be a bad idea for Pinoys to go as a tourist in Guam. Just ready your dollars. ^^ .

On our fourth day, it was a Saturday morning that we went to the locals' recommended flea market at Dededo (at Marine Drive). It was open as early as 6am but closes as early as 10am. It a good opportunity to explore bargain shoppings in Guam. In Guam, shopping are endless - from malls to flea markets, all are cater for shopaholics. Dededo flea market is equivalent to our "tiangge" but unique in a way that it is scheduled (Saturday or Sunday only) and opens early in the morning but ends by late morning. The flea marketsells not only clothes, accessories, apparel, and body care products but also fishes (fresh tilapia to be exact), ornamental plants like orchids and even aquarium fishes! It also offers cafeteria style snack bars like a "carinderia" which are mostly operated by Pinoys. Most of the vendors are Pinoy too! They are residents trying to earn extra incomes. It was another good opportunity to meet other Filipinos in the community of Guam. We had a sample of one cafeteria that served Pinoy best-seller snacks like pancit palabok, turon, kutsinta and gulaman con yelo. There are good bargains of shirt souvenirs available in flea market. We bought 30 shirts! Even "divisoria" best buy apparels are being sold there too. Of course, being sold by Pinoy vendors. But aside from Pinoys, there are Vietnamese vendors too who sells vegetables grown in their backyard garden. Chamorro and American vendors had also their share of selling various commodities.

Downtown Tumon

Guam is also a heaven for shoppers.
We then visited Micronesia Mall again to shop for souvenirs. Ate Leni (sister of Kuya Eddie and Toni), fetch us there with her car. We find quality t-shirt souvenirs at ABC and Papaya stores. You can also find mugs, keychains, display items, postcards, etc. But aside from souvenirs, the shops also offers a wide variety of wardrobes for all ages. It also worth to see discounts of other shops - they are numerous, I swear!

Ate Lenie treated us at Winchells(again! ^^). This time, it is already cemented that this is my favorite donut store in Guam. We also hada sample of their hot choco... (it was heaven taste ^^). Then we headed to Agana Shopping Center in Hagatna which houses the SM Shopping Mall. Yes, SM has a branch here (they also have 4 in China). SM Guam sells almost the same commodities and clothes as its local counterparts minus the local brands sold in our country. It also offer movie theaters, restaurants and an inviting atmosphere for alternative shopping in the island.

Underwater World which dubbed itself "same planet, different world" is a famous oceanarium in Guam located in the heart of Tumon. We visited it in the afternoon of the same day. We tour the oceanarium to let us experience to be submerged beneath 800,000 gallons of sea water without getting wet! It features the longest underwater tunnel aquarium in the world. We enter in the long tunnel walled by huge glass in a half circle arc design. It lets us view sea life that we never imagine. We weresurrounded by sharks, stingrays, turtles and countless sea fishes. Seeing this lifsize aquarium is a unique experience. Its my first time in oceanarium! (I haven't seen the Manila Ocean Park yet. Its my sister's second time see saw Sydney's Aquarium. And my mom's 3rd visit. She had been to Sydney's and Hong Kong's oceanarium). I won't forget the 2 big sea turtles swimming above and the stingrays that swims wonderfully like birds in the water. It also happened that time was also the fishes. I am surprise how strong is the mouth of coffin fish and stingrays as they can crack open the muscles feed to them.

Underwater World's oceanarium.
Shark attack!
First time in oceanarium!
Like birds...
By evening the aquarium is transformed onto the Keitei Lounge - a unique bar experience serve witg high quality service and exotic cocktails combined with a rare ambiance of music amidst the scenic visions found in the see. It is a worthy try to experience it in Underwater World. Keitei Lounge starts at 9pm to 11:30pm. It has a seperate entrance fee from the daytime view of aquarium but the fee has a free cocktail already. Though, I haven't try it, I'll definitely do when I visit Guam again.

The oceanarium of Underwater World Guam.
The shark above.
'Wish to touch the turtle.
Big Fish is sleeping.
After the aquarium you will be preceded to their sea life gallery. Located up in the 2nd floor via escalator, it has a large gallery of aquariums where you can see unique sea creatures like jellyfish, lionfish, ornamental shrimps, rorals, giant spider crabs and seahorses. I even saw first hatchlings of seahorses born in the Underwater World aquarium! I saw Nemo (clownfish) too! Then visitors have a chance to touch sea creatures like starfishes, crabs and even bamboo shark at their touch pool. I am fascinated by the blue starfishes! Oopps! I did not just touch it but I grab a hold on it too! Don't worry I handle the creature with care. ^^ The end of the tour is an entrance to its souvenir shop that sell numerous stuff toys, shirts, figurins, etc.

Touch pool with the starfish.
Nemo and his bestfriend... they just so tiny.
Aquarium contains some unique sea creatures.
The oceanarium is tiring at times, good thing there are sofas.
Still in the same building is Sam Choy's Restaurant (located just beside the Underwater World). Originally from Hawaii, it boasts authentic flavors of Hawaiian cuisine and combines the traditional Hawaiian recipes with twist for a dining experience like no other. The atmosphere od therestaurant creates an "underwater" experience as visitors are surrounded by the sights of the sea. Walls are adorned with sea life paintings and chairs, posts and floors are colored blue-theme to create an ocean atmosphere. Customers can dine with the whales at their Tale of the Whale Bar and Grill, enjoy a cocktail at the world's longest bar aquarium and be amazed by the spectacular view of Pleasure Island (another name for Tumon area), whether during the day or night. Or customers can dine in the underwater themed main dining area where there is a great view of the waves breaking in Tumon Bay. Sam Choy's Restaurant truly promises "a big taste of Hafa Adai!"

Roar! A fossil of a very big fish!

Underwater World's souvenir shop where we also exit from the aquarium.

Around the island tour of Guam is the last activity we had for the day. Round the island is possible in the morning or afternoon schedule because you can tour around the island of Guam in 3.5 hours by car. It is the estimated time but if you have stops for viewing the places then approximate time would be 4.30 hours.

Out first stop was Agana Bay at Paseo Park where next to it is Hagatña Boat Basin channel. There is a scaled down replica of Statue of liberty facing the bay. the ara is a popular spot for visitors and locals. On the left of the bay are surfer-lovers breaking in to the strong waves of the sea.

Agana Bay
A view of Hagatña and Tumon from Fort Santa Agueda.
Doing the Statue of Libert pose at Paseo Park.
Shores of Hagatña Boat Basin Channel.
Next we went to Fort Santa Agueda, where a beautiful view of Tumon Bay and Hagatña can be seen. It is located at the top of the hill adjacent to the Government House (official resdience of governor). It was historically built to keep the bay and city of Hagatña safe and provide defense from pirates from trading ships that were docked in the bay. The only remains of Spanish outlook landmark were the two cannons and platforms but the spectacular view above of Tumon Bay, Tamuning and Hagatña as well as the Philippine Sea is the scene stealer of the place. Then we headed to Senator Angel Leon Guerrero Santos Latte Stone Park , still in Hagatña area. The central landmark of the park are the popular icons of Guam - the latte stones. It looks like a cup sitting in elongated shaft made of stones. The stones serves as pillars for elevated houses that were built by early Chamorros in their villages before the Spanish colonization. The latte are the prominent remnants of the earlier Chamorro culture of the Mariana Islands.

Old Spanish canons at Fort Santa Agueda.
Fort Santa Agueda viewpoint.
The latte are remnants of the earlier Chamorro culture.

Latte Stone Park at Hagatña.
All of the three places we just visited are all located in Hagatña. Hagatña is the capital of Guam. Formerly Agaña (Spanish name), it is the seat of government of the island. It is where the branches of goverment offices located as well as commercial establishments like recreational facilities, banks, shopping center, legal offices, etc. Hagatña means "his or her blood" in Chamorro language. "Hagat" means blood and "ña" suffix signifies a third person ownership/perspective so it may mean "relative for him/her". But even before the Spanish arrived, it was the central location for the Chamorro people. It has been the capital of Guam since the US claimed it from Spain in 1898. Today, it remains one of the island's major commercial district aside from being the center of the government.

Next we stop at the War in the Pacific National Historical Park in Asan Beach. Here, aside from enjoying the sights of Asan Beach, you can also appreciate the rich history of Guam as a number of World War II memorial relics are scattered in the area. There are historical framed pictures that explains the hisorical wars of US-Japanese that happened at Asan Beach during World War II. Asan Beach was one of the two primary beaches which US soldiers stormed when trying to recapture Guam from Japanese occupation during World War II. It is a good glimpse for curious visitors about the history of Guam, Then, we had a short drive and passed the US Naval Base stationed in the island. Then, we arrived at the overlook of Asan Beach. Still part of the park, the overlook is located on a hillside edge that overlooks Asan Beach. On the overlook, a great of the beach and the whole park that we had visited earlier can be seen. Visitors can wander around the overlook area but just be careful while looking in the view as there are nofence barriers on the edge of the mountain cliff that faces the view.

War in the Pacific National Historical Park marker.
Asan Beach overlook were a historic battle happened.
The mountain ranges doesn't look like that were in Guam!
Walking away from Vietnam War Memorial overlook.
Another overlook in our itinerary was the Vietnam war memorial overlook in honor for Chamorros who fought during the Vietname War. In the overlook there is a wonderful view of the picture-perfect mountains. The mountains makes the place looks like somewhere in European mountain regions but the place is actually part of southern Guam. From the overlook you can see the next destination - Umatac Bay.

Located on the southeast coast of Guam, Umatac Bay was believed in the past to be the location where Spanish explorer Ferdinand Magellan first landed on Guam. There are many things to do and sites to see along Umatac Bay including enjoying a day at Umatac Bay Park which is situated along the eastern coast of the bay. The park is the location of the village mayor's office and also contains a public basketball court. The black rocky coast of Umatac Bay offers a scenic walk for visitors and there are covered picnic tables and benches for relaxing and enjoying the view along Umatac Bay. One can also enjoy swimming in the bay or do jetskiing. Then we headed to Fort Nuestra de la Soledad where a parallel lines of pines trees welcomes us at the entrance. Fort Nuestra de la Soledad is a Spanish ruin located on a cliff overlooking Umatac Bay. There are old Spanish relics of the fort, architectural landmarks as well as cannons used during the colonization of Spain. The area also serves as a park developed by the government so there a benches and gardens around. What is spectacular in the fort is the beautiful view of Umatac Bay on the overlook. The entire bay from Fort Nuestra de la Soledad is a picturesque nature scene that everyone will appreciate. Justbe careful around the overlook as it is surrounded by a steep cliff on the edges of the overlook.

Umatac Bay overlook.
  Ruins at Fort Soledad.
Before we leave the fort, I took a photo of a Guam car plate in one of the cars parked around. I believe this is an ultimate souvenir of photo of Guam. Since we arrived here, I am fascinated by Guam's car plate. It is striking car plate for me. And I can't resist to take a picture shoot of the car plate.

After that we had a scenic drive in the town of Merizo and its Pier Park. Merizo is also located on the southern tip of the island and is part of the Haya District. The village derives its name from the word “lesso”. “Lesso” is the next growth size of the juvenile rabbit fish locally known as “manahak” and these were caught at the mouth of the bay of that village. The Merizo Pier Park serves as the gateway to another popular tourist place in Guam - Cocos Island. It is a recreational island with beautiful tropical sights that I dream to visit. I have seen and read a lot about it in internet websites as it is a popular place in Guam. But unfortunately, I wasn't able to visit it due to time constraints. I hope in a next visit this will be part of my travel itinerary. But in the mean time I have to be contented in a glimpse of Cocos Island from afar - it is ladden with numerous coconut trees basking under the golden yellow light of the sunset.

It was already late noon when we passed the the places of Inarajan and Talofofo. A lot of scenic bay sights with inland pools and rocky waters can be seen in Inarajan and Talofofo Bays. I also appreciate the cliff edge scenes that I see along the road. The road is strategically placed on coastal edges which is suitable for around the island tour as you see a lot of nature scenes especially the ocean views. The roadtrip then proceeds to the residential areas which are seperate houses or privately owned contrasts to the condominium styles dominant in Tumon. It was also the end of our arounf the island tour and so we headed to Dededo where we are staying.

At night we lit up the Christmas tree at the house to the delight of kids - CJ and Cean. It was the start of the Christmas season in Guam. We took the opportunity to have souvenir photos.

There is still so much to discover in Guam that I have not toured during my stay. I think a full 3-day visit is not enough. There are still more places and sights to explore in Guam that I would definitely put in my itinerary the next time I visit it. The following are the places I recommend also to see and "discover" in Guam:

1. Ypao Beach/Joseph Flores Beach Park - The most popular beach in Guam. It is ideal for family picnics, pavillions for parties and gatherings, and snorkeling for sea creatures. It makes up the southernmost point of Tumon Bay.
2. Ritidian Point - Exprience unspoiled nature beauty of Guam here. Located in the northern coast of Guam, it is almost uninhabited and secluded but promises visitors a peaceful, serene and sunny atmosphere in its long white beach.
3. Atlantis Submarine - see more of Guam's rich marine life in the sea adventure through this submarine tour.
4. Fish Eye Marine Park - it features an underwater marine observatory located at "Piti Bomb Hole" - a popular dive site because of its rich marine life. In the underwater observatory, the upper deck offers a 360 degree view of the ocean life around while the bottom deck has 24 viewing windows that views the underwater life as you stay-dry.
6. Cocos Island - an island that offers breathtaking and sunny beaches and nature life that promises an "escape" in a tropical paradise with its resort and recreational amenities. It is located off-coast of the village of Merizo.
7. Talofofo Falls - located in Talofofo village. The place is ideal for hiking, picnicking and swimming. A park is located in the area where one can also see Yokoi's Cave.

Guam murals at Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport

We leave Guam the next morning in a early morning flight. It is a 6am flight to Manila. Now I know why Guam is inhabited by our fellowmen. Aside from its tropical weather that anyone will love, it is a place of beautiful sights and land of employment opportunities. Perhaps, it is the reason why they find Guam a true home. The ambience of a tropical paradise will make you utter "I love Guam". You will truly love it. I think it is among the best place to live. And I think I could live there. Why it was dubbed "where America's day begins"? It is more than because of its geographic location and being the first territory of US to experience morning but it is because a place of opportunities, dreams to fulfill and high standard of living. And though Guam has lot of places yet to develop, their potential is there and it is accelerating. As I look in the plane window, to see a last glimpse of Guam, I thought, "I'll be back... someday" just what I always promise whenever I leave the place I have visited as the plane ascends to kiss the sky. Si Yu'us Ma'ase Guam!

My trip to Guam happened last November 27-30, 2008 during the Thanksgiving Day celebration in the island. Philippine Airlines flies 5 times a week while Continental Airlines flies daily on Manila-Guam route. For more information about travel in Guam visit Visiting Guam and Guam Visitors Bureau website.


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