Victoria's Secret Series: Romantic Wish

Romantic Wish

How I wish were so in love,
Pouring affection to each other in sweet delight,
Caressing in sweet moment,
All I desire this was heaven sent,

How I wish we were lovers
Sharing each day together
I won’t spend a day without you
So I won’t be in space of blue,

How I wish we are kissing
And holding hands while smelling amber romance
We could walk together in vanilla lace
Or we could solely gone pure seduction in someplace

How I wish we were in romance
And very true from our feelings to our pondering
I will love you the way I know what love is
Feel this love I send through my blow of kiss

How I wish you are mine
So we could savor this love I have dream
Romances I’ve always wish to happen
But how long I will wish? How soon is when?

Weeks have become months! I told that in my last post that the next series poem will come in the following weeks and now its September! Though busy working on my job, this is the second of my Victoria's Secret poems which I wrote in July 5, 2006. Well, as the title speaks for itself so does the message it says... but the common denominator is that everything is romantic and romance is all over but read the last line... how I long will wish? If you like this poem or any reactions to say, tell me right away. Have a nice blogging day!

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