Monday, December 31, 2007

Sweet Temptation

Sweet Temptation

You are irrisistible
From the deeper place of Blue
I cannot resist looking at you
It seems a sin to miss your visage in my eyes

Looking at you put me in lorn ponder
It was impossible to resist your charm
It waters my eyes in hidden harm
Now, all I see from my sight is a pool of love

My feelings torn inside me
The passions collide in me
Wild abandon inside of me
This is what I fear; I fall in the cliff of your love

Everything was just from a look
And suddenly love poison me, suddenly as rainfall
It makes me move beyond my control
All I desire now is to follow you from my sight

I cannot fight this feeling
I'm becoming weak at this seduction
Would I resist this love back on a sudden run?
Or would I slip in this sweet temptation

This is the last and third of my Victoria's Secret series trilogy poems written in July 11, 2006. Its all about resisting a tempting love but one can't help byt fall to it. Now the speaker can't decide if he will resist it or let himself fall to it.

I wanna hear your comments/reactions... Pls, pls, pls, put a comment about this poem.

Last hurray...
Its almost 24 hours from now and its already 2008! We only have a 1 day to go to say goodbye to 2007. But before 2008... there are so many "best things" that happened to me this year. I have so many "whereabouts" and "eventus" just this 2007. I've met a lot of people and made a lot of friends. I've been in 3 jobs in one year (not to mention of different fields each and not so much related to my psych course). I experience a lot of situation that challenges me as a person. And I learned a lot this year from those experiences and people I've met. Well, thanks for being part of my year 2007... you're now part of my history. Thanks for making me a new me!

2008... Mmm... Next year I'm "routing" on other things like making "merry things" in my love-life coz since I've been very focused on getting a stable job. And I'm looking forward to work in an airline company. But anyway its a long 365 days and a lot of things may happen. But one thing is for sure I'm going to travel a lot! Now that I've bought a digicam Canon Ixus and after a year of no travel as in dry hopping. This year I'm gonna make sure that I will travel! travel! travel!

Happy New Year bloggers!

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