November Update

November Update

Hello bloggers!

It's been a "while" again since my last post and there has been a lot of "swingarounds" I've been to for the last 2 months of my absence here. But the major event happened to me lately was I've recently hired as a Travel Consultant at Anscor-Casto Travel Corporation ( a company owned by Andres N. Soriano - a prominent business mogul in the country).

But before we go to the details... my ticket to this "stardom" was when I decided to go on a training course titled "Introduction to Travel World" in Aug.-Sept. for a fee of 10,000PHP! Read 10,000PHP... I paid for that course to learn an airline reservation system named Amadeus. But aside from learning that system, it was also a crash course in tourism where aside from learning the system we also discussed subjects in travel geography, documentation and customer service. It is also similar to taking a role of a travel agent.

The primary reason why I did take this 10,000 worth course is because I want to establish a career in the airline industry and if not becoming an airline employee, a travel agent would the closest job I have to take. Desperate? Yes... I don't want to waste time working on job not related to the career that I really want. And a career I'm not really enjoying and satisfied. And so why take other jobs like HR and Data Encoder when in the end I'll fall back to the airline industry. And that is to become a reservation agent, ticketing representative, customer service agent, etc. or other airline career. Aside from that, another reason is Amadeus Mktg Phils promises a job referrals when you pass their 90% rate in the course - which I gladly got 96%!

By the way, during my "stint" at Amadeus Corporate University I've met a lot of friends through my classmates whom I share with the same interest - Travel. I already missed them even its just a one-week training we bonded much already, even my training specialists, Mam Rachel who is a very good trainor.

As a Travel Consultant... basically what we do are doing travel arrangement to our clients like doing flight reservation and ticketing as well as giving the best fare possible that the client needs. Sometimes we do assist in travel docs., but now I'm a trainee for the meantime to be a professional travel consultant (naks!) hehehe...

Actually, one of the reasons that motivated me to pursue a career in travel is my passion and huge interests in travel - which I really like. I love going places. I love swinging around in learning cultures and other countries. Plus travel and airline industry are overlapping in terms of career so its really good for my goals and it is really an exciting career for me.

I'm glad that everything turn out smooth in my career shift. Though, I encounter some adjustment, I easily get along with it.

But the horrible truth (I'm not scaring you, hehehe) is... this is just a temporary job for me. I will still pursue a job in the airline industry. Sad to say, I'm just going to make this my training ground, gain all experiences, skills and trainings I need to equip me for the job that I really want. Hopefully this will be my first and last work on travel agency. I'm planning to stay only up to 8 months to 1 year, then after that I'm going to fly away... But right now I'm happy with my job as a proby and I'm happy with what I'm doing right now.

So there are my "musings"... what a month I've been!

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