Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Victoria's Secret Series: Endless Love

Endless Love

Forever is all I desire to hear,
And it is what my heart utters in cheer,
Forever is a place I want to stay
And so in this place I shall dwell in bliss

Everlasting my love will be
For this is the promise of love I plea
In my heart this will hold true
For you gave me the same true love I hope for

My love will surpass even death
Because it will live in death
This love I give is eternal
It won’t be simply forgotten nor neglect.

Even death comes to avenge by mistral
The love I pour won't lost in death of eternal
For the happiness I feel in this love is ethereal passion
And the felicity I found in this love surpasses the boundaries of earthly bliss.

My love will always be with you
This holds in my heart and mind in true
This will be my vow of love
Love that will be... always... forever... endless...
I'm back! After a long absence (again!?!), here I present to you one of my Victoria's Secret Poem Trilogy Series written in July 3, 2006 entitled "Endless Love". It is actually one of the cologne flavors of Victoria Secret's line products... the flavor titles were so catchy that it inspired me to write poems about it. I intended to write this poem to make readers feel and picture what "great and endless love" is? Did I achieve it? Feel free to write your comments below about the poem and stay tune in the coming weeks as I complete this Victoria's Secret Poem Series.

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