Wednesday, April 11, 2007



I'mmm baaacckk!.... It's been a very long time since my last update and there has been a lot going on in my life since... and I miss blogging... A lot! So now, here are things that happened to me why I had a long absence in blogging...

1. Last January, I've been hired for a job... finally! I'm working as HR Training Assistant in Metrobank Makati Head Office until now going strong on my job. I always go on "OT" ---> overtime, to finish the days work, its fine coz you'll be paid more but it gets tiring as time goes by... you're so exhausted afterand all you want next is only to rest... rest... rest...

2. I met a lot of friends, one of the closest to me my was Dada, but last week she "signed-off" as in she resigned on our company due to greater opportunities to another company. We were both hired in the company at the same time... but shewant to pursue an IT career and s she goes off. It's sad because she was one of the closest to me.

3. Now I am considering "signing-off" too. Why? First, Makati is fine position but the head ofc on the borderline of the business district and quite too far. So I'm looking for something near maybe ParaƱaque or Pasay Area. Second, I'm not into my job... yeah its clerical but get's boring if you're going to spend the rest of your working life there. And then the salary, its enough but just enough for me, no slots for savings, share to my mom and siblings, etc.

4. So right now, I'm applying for the next job... and hopefully I get lucky... and satisfied. I just get work experience here and hopefully I'll beconsider by my desired job and company... 'wish me luck.

5. I'm planning to take masteral education in industrial management to get competitive edge in my job and get promoted easily. I'm now in the process of deciding to take it or not...

6. I'm always forced to go "OT" as in over time at work to get a raise in salary. I get just enough salary for my nessesities but of course all of us have many leisures in life... so I go overtime a lot so I can get a lot... plus tax and other benefits are crocodiles of my salary... they get higher fees!

7. I recently celebrated my birthday last March... and I had a mini-party with my friends at my house. It wast just simple but very memorable... My age? A very big secret! hehehe

8. I'm planning to change my layout soon hopefully this May after one year of thew same layout (though its hard for me to leave my Vietnam Rose theme) and my posting of my original written poems will continue ('hope I get a lot of positive feedback from all of you guys...)

So here are things that happened to me in the last 3 months that I've been absaent here in blogging. Hope you continue to visit my blog and update me about your musings too, anytime soon! Have a super day!!!

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