Monday, December 31, 2007

Sweet Temptation

Sweet Temptation

You are irrisistible
From the deeper place of Blue
I cannot resist looking at you
It seems a sin to miss your visage in my eyes

Looking at you put me in lorn ponder
It was impossible to resist your charm
It waters my eyes in hidden harm
Now, all I see from my sight is a pool of love

My feelings torn inside me
The passions collide in me
Wild abandon inside of me
This is what I fear; I fall in the cliff of your love

Everything was just from a look
And suddenly love poison me, suddenly as rainfall
It makes me move beyond my control
All I desire now is to follow you from my sight

I cannot fight this feeling
I'm becoming weak at this seduction
Would I resist this love back on a sudden run?
Or would I slip in this sweet temptation

This is the last and third of my Victoria's Secret series trilogy poems written in July 11, 2006. Its all about resisting a tempting love but one can't help byt fall to it. Now the speaker can't decide if he will resist it or let himself fall to it.

I wanna hear your comments/reactions... Pls, pls, pls, put a comment about this poem.

Last hurray...
Its almost 24 hours from now and its already 2008! We only have a 1 day to go to say goodbye to 2007. But before 2008... there are so many "best things" that happened to me this year. I have so many "whereabouts" and "eventus" just this 2007. I've met a lot of people and made a lot of friends. I've been in 3 jobs in one year (not to mention of different fields each and not so much related to my psych course). I experience a lot of situation that challenges me as a person. And I learned a lot this year from those experiences and people I've met. Well, thanks for being part of my year 2007... you're now part of my history. Thanks for making me a new me!

2008... Mmm... Next year I'm "routing" on other things like making "merry things" in my love-life coz since I've been very focused on getting a stable job. And I'm looking forward to work in an airline company. But anyway its a long 365 days and a lot of things may happen. But one thing is for sure I'm going to travel a lot! Now that I've bought a digicam Canon Ixus and after a year of no travel as in dry hopping. This year I'm gonna make sure that I will travel! travel! travel!

Happy New Year bloggers!

Friday, November 30, 2007

November Update

November Update

Hello bloggers!

It's been a "while" again since my last post and there has been a lot of "swingarounds" I've been to for the last 2 months of my absence here. But the major event happened to me lately was I've recently hired as a Travel Consultant at Anscor-Casto Travel Corporation ( a company owned by Andres N. Soriano - a prominent business mogul in the country).

But before we go to the details... my ticket to this "stardom" was when I decided to go on a training course titled "Introduction to Travel World" in Aug.-Sept. for a fee of 10,000PHP! Read 10,000PHP... I paid for that course to learn an airline reservation system named Amadeus. But aside from learning that system, it was also a crash course in tourism where aside from learning the system we also discussed subjects in travel geography, documentation and customer service. It is also similar to taking a role of a travel agent.

The primary reason why I did take this 10,000 worth course is because I want to establish a career in the airline industry and if not becoming an airline employee, a travel agent would the closest job I have to take. Desperate? Yes... I don't want to waste time working on job not related to the career that I really want. And a career I'm not really enjoying and satisfied. And so why take other jobs like HR and Data Encoder when in the end I'll fall back to the airline industry. And that is to become a reservation agent, ticketing representative, customer service agent, etc. or other airline career. Aside from that, another reason is Amadeus Mktg Phils promises a job referrals when you pass their 90% rate in the course - which I gladly got 96%!

By the way, during my "stint" at Amadeus Corporate University I've met a lot of friends through my classmates whom I share with the same interest - Travel. I already missed them even its just a one-week training we bonded much already, even my training specialists, Mam Rachel who is a very good trainor.

As a Travel Consultant... basically what we do are doing travel arrangement to our clients like doing flight reservation and ticketing as well as giving the best fare possible that the client needs. Sometimes we do assist in travel docs., but now I'm a trainee for the meantime to be a professional travel consultant (naks!) hehehe...

Actually, one of the reasons that motivated me to pursue a career in travel is my passion and huge interests in travel - which I really like. I love going places. I love swinging around in learning cultures and other countries. Plus travel and airline industry are overlapping in terms of career so its really good for my goals and it is really an exciting career for me.

I'm glad that everything turn out smooth in my career shift. Though, I encounter some adjustment, I easily get along with it.

But the horrible truth (I'm not scaring you, hehehe) is... this is just a temporary job for me. I will still pursue a job in the airline industry. Sad to say, I'm just going to make this my training ground, gain all experiences, skills and trainings I need to equip me for the job that I really want. Hopefully this will be my first and last work on travel agency. I'm planning to stay only up to 8 months to 1 year, then after that I'm going to fly away... But right now I'm happy with my job as a proby and I'm happy with what I'm doing right now.

So there are my "musings"... what a month I've been!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Victoria's Secret Series: Romantic Wish

Romantic Wish

How I wish were so in love,
Pouring affection to each other in sweet delight,
Caressing in sweet moment,
All I desire this was heaven sent,

How I wish we were lovers
Sharing each day together
I won’t spend a day without you
So I won’t be in space of blue,

How I wish we are kissing
And holding hands while smelling amber romance
We could walk together in vanilla lace
Or we could solely gone pure seduction in someplace

How I wish we were in romance
And very true from our feelings to our pondering
I will love you the way I know what love is
Feel this love I send through my blow of kiss

How I wish you are mine
So we could savor this love I have dream
Romances I’ve always wish to happen
But how long I will wish? How soon is when?

Weeks have become months! I told that in my last post that the next series poem will come in the following weeks and now its September! Though busy working on my job, this is the second of my Victoria's Secret poems which I wrote in July 5, 2006. Well, as the title speaks for itself so does the message it says... but the common denominator is that everything is romantic and romance is all over but read the last line... how I long will wish? If you like this poem or any reactions to say, tell me right away. Have a nice blogging day!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Victoria's Secret Series: Endless Love

Endless Love

Forever is all I desire to hear,
And it is what my heart utters in cheer,
Forever is a place I want to stay
And so in this place I shall dwell in bliss

Everlasting my love will be
For this is the promise of love I plea
In my heart this will hold true
For you gave me the same true love I hope for

My love will surpass even death
Because it will live in death
This love I give is eternal
It won’t be simply forgotten nor neglect.

Even death comes to avenge by mistral
The love I pour won't lost in death of eternal
For the happiness I feel in this love is ethereal passion
And the felicity I found in this love surpasses the boundaries of earthly bliss.

My love will always be with you
This holds in my heart and mind in true
This will be my vow of love
Love that will be... always... forever... endless...
I'm back! After a long absence (again!?!), here I present to you one of my Victoria's Secret Poem Trilogy Series written in July 3, 2006 entitled "Endless Love". It is actually one of the cologne flavors of Victoria Secret's line products... the flavor titles were so catchy that it inspired me to write poems about it. I intended to write this poem to make readers feel and picture what "great and endless love" is? Did I achieve it? Feel free to write your comments below about the poem and stay tune in the coming weeks as I complete this Victoria's Secret Poem Series.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007



I'mmm baaacckk!.... It's been a very long time since my last update and there has been a lot going on in my life since... and I miss blogging... A lot! So now, here are things that happened to me why I had a long absence in blogging...

1. Last January, I've been hired for a job... finally! I'm working as HR Training Assistant in Metrobank Makati Head Office until now going strong on my job. I always go on "OT" ---> overtime, to finish the days work, its fine coz you'll be paid more but it gets tiring as time goes by... you're so exhausted afterand all you want next is only to rest... rest... rest...

2. I met a lot of friends, one of the closest to me my was Dada, but last week she "signed-off" as in she resigned on our company due to greater opportunities to another company. We were both hired in the company at the same time... but shewant to pursue an IT career and s she goes off. It's sad because she was one of the closest to me.

3. Now I am considering "signing-off" too. Why? First, Makati is fine position but the head ofc on the borderline of the business district and quite too far. So I'm looking for something near maybe ParaƱaque or Pasay Area. Second, I'm not into my job... yeah its clerical but get's boring if you're going to spend the rest of your working life there. And then the salary, its enough but just enough for me, no slots for savings, share to my mom and siblings, etc.

4. So right now, I'm applying for the next job... and hopefully I get lucky... and satisfied. I just get work experience here and hopefully I'll beconsider by my desired job and company... 'wish me luck.

5. I'm planning to take masteral education in industrial management to get competitive edge in my job and get promoted easily. I'm now in the process of deciding to take it or not...

6. I'm always forced to go "OT" as in over time at work to get a raise in salary. I get just enough salary for my nessesities but of course all of us have many leisures in life... so I go overtime a lot so I can get a lot... plus tax and other benefits are crocodiles of my salary... they get higher fees!

7. I recently celebrated my birthday last March... and I had a mini-party with my friends at my house. It wast just simple but very memorable... My age? A very big secret! hehehe

8. I'm planning to change my layout soon hopefully this May after one year of thew same layout (though its hard for me to leave my Vietnam Rose theme) and my posting of my original written poems will continue ('hope I get a lot of positive feedback from all of you guys...)

So here are things that happened to me in the last 3 months that I've been absaent here in blogging. Hope you continue to visit my blog and update me about your musings too, anytime soon! Have a super day!!!
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