Tuesday, October 10, 2006



My inmost thoughts are obscure
When a man speak to me
I'm astound for he knows me
My intuition, thoughts could be

He was someone I admire
Someone who has a great sense of humor
Someone who has a unique spirit
And belief

Someone who has self-reliance
Trustworthy and full of dreams he is
And yet he told me he wants to change
He wants diversion to something new... a reborn spirit

Spirit that has spontaneity
Like a wild galliard
In everything he desire
He change, all of him

Patience he will learn
Before he lose himself
And may lead to oblivion
Of some few good things in life

His changes can be a fool
To himself, hurt and pain
Plain things really change
But some will never be the same again

His evanescence began in parted ways
I want to breath, deep
And those airs mend me to realization...
That I was alone.
This poem was written on May 5, 2003. I write when I felt that I have to change some traits in my personality. I want to change at that time. But there are drawbacks on changing myself.

I haven't posting entries in my blog lately. I think its a month I've been absent here in blogging because last month I have been busy looking for a job. I've graduated last March and I started searching for a job this late of June until now. And now its October already and Christmas is coming! I can't afford having without money for my own to spend for the coming holiday and without a job! So I keep myself busy on job hunting. 'Wish me luck! And feel free to comment about my poem entry today.

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