Sunday, August 27, 2006

Waking up at Night to Feel the Air of Midnight Summer

Waking up at Night to Feel the Air of Midnight Summer

I sit by the window
Feeling cold and blue
Knowing that I can't be with you
Only breeze of emptiness blow

All I see is starless sky
And hopeless dreams to get on by
Lost in my soul taking me over
Pieces of you in this midnight summer

I am a soliloquy in silence
Reminiscing the moments have passed
See reflections of you, yet in absence
I know things where should be placed

Moments with you
Ease my loneliness in blue
Memories that clamoring my thought
As rhapsodic silence is also fraught

Oh, when better days will come to start?
Longing and waiting, yet this night begin to over
But even were miles apart
I'll stay forever.
I wrote this poem on my birthday March 15, 2003. Obviously, I wrote this poem a night of summer, since March is already the start of summer. It's all about missing my friends thinking that they might not greet me on my upcoming birthday or come for a house party but if you'll look at another perspective... it giving a message to someone very special to you that you don't want to let go. I hope you like this poem entry hope I got a good feedback you. Enjoy reading!

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